Prime Minister Davutoglu in Eurasia Tunnel (Video)

Prime Minister Davutoğlu in the Eurasia Tunnel: The length of the tunnel reached 920 meters in the Eurasia Road Tube Crossing Project, which will connect Europe and Asia under the sea after Marmaray. Prime Minister Davutoğlu toured the tunnel on foot from top to bottom. Saying that he wanted to come back and drink coffee here when the sea was 106 meters deep, the Prime Minister said, "I was proud to see the historical project in person."

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu visited Haydarpaşa construction site of the Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project). Davutoğlu, who examined the works on site, received information from the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Lütfi Elvan. Only Istanbul and Turkey, but for a project of historic significance for the world is proud to see himself stating Davutoglu, the length of the bottom of the sea, reaching 920 meters and he will gradually coffee which beverage with again came the workers when deepening tunnel 106 meters to reach.


Stating that the distance of 14,5 kilometers between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe will decrease to 15 minutes in this way, Davutoğlu said, “It is a project on a global scale. It is an exemplary project in terms of Turkish engineering and architectural history. I especially wanted to walk in the tunnel. Because this is a march that has not been shared by anyone in the history of humanity. Approximately 920 meters. The tunnel is passed 8-10 meters every day. We went by car, walked back. I will come and be your guest from now on. 920 meters. Notify when you reach 106 meters (depth), at that deep point we will have a Turkish coffee with our workers. We will sign a signature there together, 'he said.


Stating that the total length of the passage of the 3 thousand 400 meters underwater tunnel is 5 thousand 400 meters, Davutoğlu noted that the Eurasia Tunnel is a magnificent project with 9,2 kilometers of connection roads. Saying 'We hope that the project will be completed in December 2016', Davutoğlu, together with the Turkish company

also thanked the representatives of the Korean company who realized the project. Davutoglu, then 3. Airport and 3. Reviewing the bridge projects from air and ground

information about the situation




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