President Akyürek Alaaddin-Courthouse Rail System Line Examined

Chairman Akyurek Alaaddin-Courthouse Rail System Line Investigated: Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek, Alaaddin-Adliye Rail System Line under the ongoing studies on the Mevlana Street, Konya, said they had a very important lifespan.

President Akyürek stated that the Alaaddin-Courthouse Rail Line will fully meet the Seljuk region with Karatay region. Olarak The number of visitors in the region will increase with the rail system line and there will be a big commercial mobility. 14 including departure and arrival kilometer line creates a first in Turkey. Here, we are implementing advanced technology in several cities around the world. There will not be any wire or wire in the area up to Mevlana Cultural Center. The line will work with the traffic until the Mevlana Cultural Center Kültür. Of that painstaking work, 60-70 centimeters dig in against even the likelihood of historical monuments Memorials Akyürek President noted that it is working under the supervision of officials from the Council, "This is one of the fastest-moving operating in Turkey. 1,5 was the month. Water and sewer lines and other infrastructure lines were bypassed. Now the rail system infrastructure was prepared and the rails were laid. We are trying to finish the work in a short time. The reason of our intensive work in July-August period is that we want to complete while schools are closed. 20 We endeavor to complete the work in the area up to Mevlana until September. During the operation, we were able to partially allow vehicle traffic. We would like to thank our fellow citizens for their patience. We are bringing a very important life to our city. Ş

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