Guns exploded after mortal train crash in Mersin

Guns exploded after the death of a train accident in Mersin: A person who lost his life in Mersin, a train crowd after the incident occurred in the riot attack on the riot police teams fired the police into the air, throwing gas bombs.

According to information obtained, the central Mediterranean district of Mersin Freedom Mahallesi Hizarcılar Sitesi'nde uncontrolled level crossing trying to cross the street Seyit Ahmet Yildiz (57) used 33 E 9961 plate motorcycle from Mersin to Iskenderun in the direction of 61602 voyage passenger train hit. Stars after the accident, died at the scene.

Residents of the neighborhood gathered at the scene of the accident and closed the railway. Despite the police warning, the crowd did not leave the scene, the police discussed.

Citizens describing the problems to journalists reacted by stating that there were frequent accidents in the crossing in the crossing which had been previously controlled and later only the pedestrian crossing was removed by removing the guard and removing the guard.

Lower or overpassing the request of the citizens who claim that an answer is not given to the answer, the school's children are also in danger of death every day, said the authorities wanted to find solutions to the problems.

When the citizens did not evacuate the train, riot forces were called to the scene. Angry with the arrival of the riot police teams attacked the police with stones they took in their hands this time. Agile forces tried to escape from the stones to escape the train. In the meantime, a riot police between the crowd was also subjected to stony attacks. The police then shot the guns in the air and tried to smash the crowd by throwing gas bombs. Neighborhood residents and the funeral holders of the crowd on the reaction of the crowd to calm down, the riot teams also left the scene.

The corpse of the Mersin State Hospital morgue for autopsy was removed.


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