You can find the bridge traffic with this application

You can learn the bridge traffic with this application: Bridge traffic, which is one of the big problems experienced by the inhabitants of Istanbul, will stop being an ordeal with this application.
Due to its population, Istanbul traffic, which has turned into an ordeal especially during work hours and after work hours, drivers can reach their destination in a shorter time with various navigation applications. Here is the application developed by Valensas'ın fear of the driver's traffic will reduce bridge traffic.
This application showing the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Bosphorus Bridge reports how long it is possible to pass the departure and return lanes of both bridges separately. The notable feature of the app is the interactive notifications feature that comes with iOS 8.
Thanks to these new notifications, it is possible to look at the density through the notification center without opening the application. iPhone 6veiPhone 6 Plus has been developed in accordance with the large screen of the application to access the application from the notification center, all you need to do is tap the edit button at the bottom of the notification center Which Bridge? Pressing the “+ bulunan sign next to. Click here to download the application to your phone.


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