Passenger Minibus Collided with a Tram in Kony 3 Injured

Passenger Minibus Collided with a Tramway in Konya / Turkey It was tried to be calm by the citizens, who were suffering after the accident.

The accident occurred at the 15.00 ranks of the Central Selcuklu district at the New Istanbul Street Bus Station Junction. According to information obtained, the bus station-Alaaddin Hakan P. administration of the tram number 143, who want to pass the lights Hakan U. 42 M 8388 plate collided with the minibus. As a result of the collision, the trolley, which the tram had partially driven, could stand by hitting the sidewalk and the traffic light plate. After the accident, passengers on the tram and minibus threw themselves out of their lives. The wounded and those who suffered from the emergency were tried to be calmed down by other passengers. Due to the accident, the tramway and intersection were partially closed to traffic. Passengers who could not drive the shock of the accident were tried to calm down by giving water to the citizens. 3 injured by the arrival of the ambulance, Beyhekim State Hospital was removed by treatment. It was learned that the wounded were in good health.

After the incident, the traffic flow was back to normal with the removal of the tram and the minibus from the location.
An investigation into the accident was initiated.

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