Ovit Tunnel Without Broken

The Ovit Tunnel is not without Kırık: The Project of the Century When the Broken Tunnel, which is one of the most important entrances to the Ovit Tunnel, will be built, it remains unclear. Those who say ul Ovit doesn't work without being broken it emphasizes that the General Directorate of Highways should start this tunnel construction as soon as possible.
Erzurum - Erzurum-Rize between the construction of the world's longest tunnel, which will be the longest tunnel, the entrance gate of the planned planned Broken Tunnel puzzle continues. In the region, the Black Sea Coast, the most important of the studies considered as the tuning tunnels to the Southeast and the road distance to be made in order to shorten the Broken Tunnel is not certain when to start. It is seen as one of the most important legs of the Ovit Tunnel.
There is no sound in Kırıklı
With the tunnels to be built between Erzurum and Rize, roads that are closed to traffic for 9 months of the year will be opened, and road distances will also decrease. Less than 130 years left until the completion of Ovit's dream, which was conceived by Abdulhamid the Second and realized 2 years later. With the completion of the Dallıkavak and Kırık Tunnels, which are considered at the entrance of the Ovit Tunnel, the project will become even more meaningful. However, while the Dallıkavak Tunnel was about to be completed by the General Directorate of Highways, Kırık Tunnel could not escape from the official procedures. It is said that the trial of the Kırık Tunnel, which was first put out to tender by the General Directorate of Highways and then canceled on the grounds that "it is not among the priority needs of the administration", has been concluded. The authorized firm objecting to the cancellation decision of the tunnel has kazanTahsin Bayramoğlu, Member of the Assembly of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, said that the construction of the Broken Tunnel is as important as Ovit.
Broken front of Ovit
The reason why President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan considered the project of the century as one of the most important legs of the Ovit Tunnel is that the Tunnel is so important that there is only one tunnel between the tunnels under construction. Tunnel planned to be built between Erzurum and Ispir will shorten the way to Ovit. The 140 kilometer tunnel, which will shorten the 40 kilometer to the 7 kilometer, and the Ovit entry will be provided. Considering the fact that the other tunnels are constructed to be closed because of the natural conditions, the Kırık Tunnel seems to be the most important way of connecting the Black Sea Coast with the Southeast. The Project of the Century Both the citizens of Rizeli and the citizens of Erzurum are demanding for the Kırık Tunnel, which is the front entrance of Ovit. Although there is not a date for the construction of the Tunnel of Erzurum Regional Directorate of Highways, it is expected to start in the coming years.
It If it's not broken, Ovit is just a tunnel “
Tahsin Bayramoğlu, who made statements about the subject and 30 fighting for the Ovit Tunnel, stated that Kırık Tunel should be considered as one with the Ovit Tunnel and emphasized that the construction works should be started as soon as possible. Bayramoğlu, al This important transportation route, which will connect the Black Sea coast road to Erzurum, will undertake the chief architecture of development in every field from trade to education, from tourism to health. The Ovit Tunnel, where we've been dreaming for years and we've worked hard for it, thank God there is very little left. The work in the Dallıkavak Tunnel continues in the same way, but the fact that the fracture tunnel, which is as important as these and even shortens the route most in this transportation route, has deeply upset us. The Ovit Tunnel's dream of connecting the Black Sea to the South East is only by the presence of this tunnel. Otherwise, the drivers will make a comfortable journey from Ispir to Rize. That wasn't our dream. These two important tunnels had to be finished at the same time. But not. We have learned that the court has decided in favor of the company that took the tender. I hope that the construction of this important tunnel starts immediately and our dream takes place completely. İn
In recent days, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Council Members also made observations in this region. Fevzi Polat, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, said that the construction of the Broken Tunnel is essential and that the Ovit Tunnel could complete its vision in this way.

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