Road Network Expands in the Army

Road Network in the Army is Expanding: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has mobilized its teams all over the Ordu, continues its road works uninterruptedly.
Metropolitan, which carries out its services within the scope of work planning consisting of 4 regions in total, continues asphalt application as well as road maintenance and repairs in 3 districts in the 5rd region. Mesudiye, Aybastı, Gölköy, Gürgentepe, located in the third region, kabataş Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out works in many areas from leveling to stabilized road, ditch cleaning to asphalt application in its districts, gains the appreciation of its citizens by providing a healthy structure for kilometers of roads.
The recent works of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality on the roads in the first zone are as follows: “Mesudiye district: 100 m on the Alan neighborhood road, 500 m on the Pınarlı neighborhood road, a stabilized road work with a breaker, 2 km on the Güneyce neighborhood road. 6 km of regulation work was carried out on the Pınarlı neighborhood road and 5 km on the Topçam neighborhood road. 3 km asphalt maintenance work was carried out on the road to Sarıyayla neighborhood.
Aybastı district: 1 km stabilized road in the direction of Sefalık neighborhood, 1 km reglaj road in Sarıyer neighborhood, 6 km trench cleaning works in the road of Zaferimilli neighborhood were completed.
Gölköy district: 4 km stabilized road in the neighborhood of Jihadiye and 5 km regeneration work was carried out by 2 km regeneration in the way of Damarlı neighborhood. Before the asphalt road to the Veiled neighborhood, the 500 m elephants material was laid.
Gürgentepe district: 1 km in the neighborhood of Döşek, 3 km road repair in the road of Akmescit neighborhood; 3 km stabilized road works were done in the neighborhood.
Kabataş district: 5 km stabilized road work was carried out on the Alankent neighborhood road.



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