1 dead at the level crossing accident in Ödemiş

The level crossing accident in Ödemiş was killed by 1: The tractor was hit by a train at an uncontrolled level crossing near Demircili village of Ödemiş district of İzmir. The driver of the tractor drifted about 200 meters lost his life.

According to information obtained, today from the Ödemiş'dan Izmir Basmane'ye XYUMX XYUMX 61 led by trains, the train between Demircili and Yeniköy neighborhoods crossing the uncontrolled level crossing the AT (32342) managed to cross the tractor was hit. While the tractor was divided by two, the driver lost his life under the AT train. The train stopped after dragging the engine part of the tractor to 17 meters. As soon as possible after the accident, the gendarmerie teams took the security measures, the funeral of the ill-funded young morgue Ödemiş State Hospital was removed.
The train was closed for long periods of time. Passengers arriving and departing from the train were transported to the Fork station with service vehicles. Railroad crews worked hard to remove parts of the tractor under the train. It was learned that he went to harvest the corn field. Dr. Muzaffer Kula High School student AT dies.


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