Nemruta Alternative Ski Slopes

Nemruta Alternative Ski Slopes to be Performed: Bitlis' Tatvan district within the boundaries of Mount Nemrut ski facilities will be made by the Special Provincial Administration.

It is stated that the 4 will be constructed as an alternative runway to the Nemrut Ski Center, which has a runway length of 2 thousand 500 meters. Providing comments on the subject of the Provincial General Assembly Speaker of the Province of Bitlis Adnan Süphanoğlu, 3'dan 7'dan skiing in the region made by everyone, to make the plant more work and to keep the ski season longer 70 said they would build a new runway. Süphanoğlu said, X In order to use the Nemrut Ski Center which contributes to the skiing and tourism of Bitlis, we will start the construction of the new 3 3, 100 bin 2 and 500 bin 3 meters 700 new track with the resources of the Provincial Special Administration. The new runways, which will offer skiing opportunities for everyone who wants to ski, will be of great importance in terms of tourism. The construction of the new tracks, which will keep the skiing season even longer, will take 3 days. It will track the progress made by Turkey towards becoming a new ski attraction. I hope that it will be beneficial to our people already. Şimd

The General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Yalçın Sözbilici stated that the cost of the new tracks to be made by the Special Provincial Administration will be announced at the end of the work. Mr. Sözbilici said, yeni The new runway of 3 will be created with the opportunities of Special Provincial Administration. We will also carry out the runway arrangement and clearance of the existing plant. In these studies, 1 excavator, 1 pieces bucket, 1 unit dozers, Grader and 10 personnel will be assigned. We aim to complete the work as soon as possible İş.

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