Mudurnu-Abant road closed for transportation

Mudurnu-Abant road is closed for transportation: It is provided by the transportation road on Mudurnu-Abant road which is closed due to road expansion works.
Mudurnu-Abant highway was closed due to road expansion work.
The road that was started for the extension of the Mudurnu-Abant highway by the highways was closed to the road transportation. 50 annual Uluçay bridge on the route was destroyed by teams. When the villagers reacted to the closure of the road, many gendarmes came to the scene.
After the negotiations between the villagers and the highways teams, an alternative service road was created for the villagers using the Mudurnu-Abant highway.
In his statement to the AA reporter, the head of Alpagut village, İmran Çetin, stating that the work started at a time when the work was intense, said, “An alternative way was created after our meeting. After the road was given, the teams started to demolish the bridge. ”
Highways teams, approximately the 3 month planned to be opened after the completion of the work said the road.

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