National Fast Train to Test Center Countdown

Countdown for the Center to Test the National High Speed ​​Train: In Eskişehir, the National High Speed ​​Systems Center (URAYSİM), whose construction was started by Anadolu University in the first quarter of next year and will be completed in 2018, is planned to be on the rails in the same year. Train (YHT), trains of European countries and Turkish Republics are planned to be tested.

AU President Naci Gundogan, AA correspondent, National Rail Systems Center of Excellence of the University (I URAYS) said that project is found, the project, Eskişehir, in terms of Turkey and rail systems, he stressed that is very important.

uraysim attracting captured in Turkey and light rail vehicles, high-speed trains, intercity trains will be representing the center of Gundogan test will be held, he said:

“The project has 240 million budgets. When it is completed, it will reach 1 billion liras and reach the budget. An area of ​​700 decares was allocated to AU in the Alpu district on the plain. We will have 3 main areas in the center. There will be areas where administrative buildings, test center and benches will be located. There are 55-60 kilometers long rails and test rails consisting of 3 lobes. In the outermost area, High Speed ​​Trains will be tested. In the middle of the city, conventional line trains and the inner city light rail vehicles will be tested. ”

- "There will be a significant gain for Turkey"

Gündoğan stated that URAYSİM will conduct various tests as well as R&D studies.

In this context, Gündoğan explained that 20 young academicians sent to the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA for their master's and doctorate education.

“Our academics will return within 4-5 years and establish their center. We are trying to quickly complete the infrastructure until they return. We plan to lay the foundation of the center in the first quarter of 2015. We will complete it in 3-4 years. This center will be a significant gain for Turkey. There is no center that performs such tests in this geography. Our closest center is in the Czech Republic and Germany. We will test many of the wagons and trains produced in the Middle East, the Balkans and Europe in this center. There will be a serious foreign currency input to our country. ”

Gundogan, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (Tulomsas) within 3 years of producing reminded that the national High Speed ​​Rail project.

Mentioning that they want to complete our test center during this period, Gündoğan said, “We plan to test the National High Speed ​​Train here. Eskişehir will be a complicated center that produces locomotives by high-speed trains and where they are tested. There are no personnel trained in rail systems in our country. As AU, we will be the pioneer of this. We also receive consultancy tests from ITU and METU. to contribute to Turkey's 2023 iron produced by the network, "he said.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:28

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