The solution to the transportation problem of Mersin

Mersin is looking for a solution to the transportation problem: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is looking for a solution to the transportation problem of the city. Mersin University (MEU) '' organized with the Transport Workshop, the report will be prepared in accordance with the opinions of experts in urban transportation tram, light rail or monorail which will be decided which is more suitable for Mersin.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is looking for a solution to the transportation problem of the city. Mersin University (MEU) '' organized with the Transport Workshop, the report will be prepared in accordance with the opinions of experts in urban transportation tram, light rail or monorail which will be decided which is more suitable for Mersin.
In cooperation with Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Mersin University, Mersin Transportation Workshop'n was held at the Convention and Exhibition Center. The workshop started early in the morning, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz, Deputy Governor of Mersin Cezmi Turk Göçer, Mersin University Rector. Dr. Prof. Dr. Suha Aydın, academicians, chambers and representatives of non-governmental organizations from Gazi University, Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, Çukurova University, Mersin University and Toros University attended the seminar.
In the opening speech of the workshop, President Kocamaz stated that transportation is the most important problem of Mersin and that they have started many different studies for their solution. He also said that they have made significant progress in many studies ranging from junction arrangements to rail system project. Turkey, in particular urban disasters can not manage well the phenomenon of migration from accelerating in the village since the year xnumx'l Kocamaz that expressed a country that has experienced, "Today our country many metropolis, unfortunately, is a kind of nekrepol, that is a dead city. It is a betrayal in the meaning of the city to these settlements, which consist of the soul, philosophy, aesthetics, and the ugly mass of buildings. Because the places we call cities are places where the notion of civilization has emerged and developed. Unfortunately, Turkey's our Mersin, like so many city from time to time esthetic perception that are not local administrators and them correctly routing academics, engineers, architects hand was almost the tarumar has condoned the killing of the city. There is a very nice saying in Turkish, 'Where do you return from the damage'. Our inheritance from our past does not prevent us from leaving a better heritage, never leaving our children, our grandchildren, a more contemporary, more advanced, even more magnificent Mersin. Bizim


Li As we come across many examples in the West, we have to build cities that are virtually oppressing, ignoring, destroying settlements, but in cities where human beings are permeated and harmoniously integrated into the place where they live. Because the city is present for human and is meaningful with human. Mr. Kocamaz stated that they have developed projects by planning the future of Mersin with this understanding and that they have been working in consultation with all the related parties. Kesim Our most important project is the 13,1 long rail system Project. The result will be the tramway, the light rail or the monorail. This project, which we plan to implement with Build-Operate-Transfer system, will not bring a huge burden to our Metropolitan Municipality. We do not think that the project that will be revealed by the discussions here is limited to Mersin. These projects, which can be expanded to the stage stage, will have the potential to bring a rooted and economical solution to the transportation problem of Çukurova. Etap


Kocamaz also stated that they have implemented short-term works such as reorganization of existing intersections and bus lines and commissioning of new buses. Le We have taken the studies on the new bus purchase of 60 to be used in public transportation services in Mersin. We think there will be a serious relief in transportation by the introduction of these buses. I strongly believe that the Transportation Workshop will shed light on us and will guide us in the solution of both short and medium term and long-term transportation problem of Mersin Mersin.
Mersin Deputy Governor Göçer emphasized that the transportation sector is one of the must-have living standards of cities. Stating that the transportation sector is affected from the economic life of the people living in the city from the economic life to the healthy life and even the stress, Göçer said, her The transportation sector has started to make its importance in Mersin as of the current period. Actually, this is what should be considered when building the 3-4 boulevard here. But I still think that these boulevards have solved the problem. In transportation, large cities need to produce common mind, all stakeholders will come together, a scientific report will be prepared, everything from transportation techniques, engineering, economic account to social life, will be calculated in detail, even people living in the city with a transportation plan integrated with other geographies of the province they will be happy and comfortable. Mersin is a living, vibrant city, more vibrant than any other city. Üzere Transportation is a city that needs to be planned in all aspects, including highway and air and sea olmak.


MEU Rector Aydın said that the workshop organized will create a road map for transportation investments and services in Mersin. Underlining that transportation has problems that are not easy to solve, Aydın said:, Compared to the cities it considers to be rivals in economic and social terms, Mersin has been left behind in terms of urban infrastructure, transportation and services. In many ways, a pioneer in Turkey and the Mediterranean countries, agriculture makes our city great strides in the industrial and logistics sector is expected to improve the physical aspect. Transportation is not just a physical infrastructure, an economic sector, but a quality of life indicator. In order to reach a much better level in terms of urban quality of life, significant public investments are needed in the coming years. These investments are expected to be based on scientific and technical foundations and to be suitable for the needs of the society. Engineering standards, planning principles, economic efficiency, social benefit and environmental sensitivity should be evaluated together in order to develop permanent and effective solutions for transportation and traffic. Ulaşım
Aydin, the workshop, Mersin transportation will be examined under the 12 headline and the information to be obtained by the Science Board, the Metropolitan Municipality will be presented in a comprehensive report as a strategy and action plan proposal will be presented.
in later solutions and approaches to transportation problems in the workshop, the first presentation of the scope of applicability to Mersin, the approach adopted in the world, "policies for urban transportation in Turkey, UN and EU Urban Transport Policy, Sustainable Transportation" under the title of Gazi University City and Regional Planning Department, Faculty Member Professor Dr. Tiger made hulagü. The workshop will continue throughout the day.

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