The biggest investment of Mars Logistics is railway

Mars Logistics's biggest investment is rail: Mars Logistics, together with Luxembourg State Railways, has accelerated its overseas investments with its intermodal transportation service in September 2012. Partner with Japanese Hitachi Transport System at 2013 Mars Logistics aims to build a strong structure in Japan and the Far East line.

Turkey's most powerful logistics companies Mars Logistics highway to anywhere in the world, rail, maritime and airline serves with. As a result of its partnership with the Japanese Hitachi Transport System in the 2013 year, the company aims to create a stronger service network in Japan and the Far East line.

Mars Logistics, the largest of overseas investments made to the railway. . We have implemented intermodal transport which is an environmental transportation model on September 2012 with Luxembourg State Railways in order to contribute to the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in highway logistics and to offer an alternative transportation mode to our customers, ”says Ali Tulgar, Mars Logistics General Manager.

Mars trailers from Italy by sea from Turkey to Trieste With this investment, transports iron through Luxembourg. Currently going for three weeks - makes the return journey on trains between Bettembourg Trieste, carrying the loaded trailer of the goods taken from various places in Turkey. After arriving at Trieste by ship from the ports of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin, the trains continue by train and, after passing through the Bettembourg Multimodal terminal, arrive at various destinations in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France and Germany. Ali Tulgar says that they are currently investing an additional fleet of intermodal lines for 4 day round trip. Tulgar, net As a result of increasing demand, we aim to increase our number of flights until the end of the year. In the coming period, we are aiming to create a similar intermodal line in a different location because of being environmentally friendly. Olm

Indicating that the intermodal lines attracted great interest in Europe, Tulgar also stated that they will increase the number of flights by round-trip until the end of the year. Uz We also organize direct flights to many European countries by road. Last year we have added Romania and the Turkic Republics to our destinations. We provide transportation to all ports in the world by seaway. Doğu Ali Tulgar states that they have increased their airline flights to the Far East with the synergy of Japanese giant Hitachi, which they signed in October 2013.

Ali Tulgar said, mod We have invested around 27 million euros in our overseas investments only for our Luxembourg-based Intermodal line. Ali XnumX intermodal line in order to increase the number of expeditions to increase the number of fleet augmentation work to make an additional investment in the 2014 million euros underlining the end of the year until the end of the investments will continue to say that the needs.

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