Before the Marmaray, there was a havara

Before the Marmaray had havaray: Nowadays widely spoken havaray Projects, 50 years ago also were on the agenda of Turkey. The chairlift, which was completed in Istanbul in 1958, was not only Istanbul but also the first Havaray experience of the country.

The increasing traffic problem in Istanbul leads the city administrators to produce alternative solutions. In contrast to the steadily growing population of the city, it is not that easy to transport human masses from one place to another. Urbanization errors that were processed by time can sometimes result in the emergence of unusual ideas. At the beginning of this offer are the cable car lines called Havaray or from the upper part of the rails hanging vehicles are coming. It has been used in countries such as Japan and China soon this technology will begin to be unpopular in Turkey.

In recent days, press agencies have announced that new airfield projects for Istanbul will be tendered. Accordingly, Üsküdar Libadiye Street and Sefaköy-Halkalı- 4 and a half kilometer project to be made to Başakşehir line and Sefaköy- 11 km 600 meter longHalkalı-Planning projects are expected to be completed within 240 days. These savings, Turkey's most populous city, for the realization brought to mind the old projects. The article which is written by Akın Kurtoğlu, who is the historical transporter of Istanbul, gives attention to Istanbul's historical enthusiasts. However, Istanbul's first havaray enterprise, which remains in the memory of the old Istanbulites, has come to life as follows:

Navigation outdoors

Official records, the first cable car line indicates, the transportation project began in Bursa in Turkey, the first line shows that you finally terminated in Istanbul. There is no element to be revised in the records. Because 1958 continued during the year five years in the Swiss company Von Roll enterprise that began in Bursa, Turkey's first full-fledged piers that would acquire the cable car line. During this period, however, there was a project completed in Istanbul, which, although relatively implicit compared to the other, kept the essence of the project which was needed today. Without further ado, let's get to the point. In the words of the old cycle of Turkey's first cable overhead line 'in the summer months of the year 1958' Exhibition-Macka 'it was opened in the route. While the press presented various kinds of rumors as project, some of them would not go beyond fantasy. Finally, he moved to Istanbul in Turkey National Industrial Exhibition within the first cable car line. The fair was thought to be more attractive with the cable car line. IETT plant undertakes the business duty of the plant, today known as the congress valley known as Lütfi Kırdar Sports and Exhibition Palace and Maçka ridge was announced to be installed on the ropeway, the public has aroused great attention. Especially preferred for breathing in the summer evenings, there were additional bus lines and the exhibition would become an attraction. The exhibition opened its doors to visitors on 1 October 1958. Once upon a time, the prestigious establishment Sumerbank will cheer the fair with its amusement park from Italy.

The line running on an 330 meter long line consisted of lifts placed on steel ropes at certain intervals. The first week, except for the technical failures that took place several times the visitors to the cable car was great. People who want to watch the view of Dolmabahçe were willing to wait in front of the tolls for hours. In order to taste this pleasure, it was enough to pay 50 for the period and pay for the flying seats. That year, a total of 2 and a half million people visited the exhibition. 93 thousand people also tasted their travel experience in space with their feet in a month. The exhibition with enthusiasm from the return of the first organization continued in the following years.

Hanged in the air

The three-minute ropeway travel from the height of 30 meters gave its first fault during the second year of the exhibition. This time, the exhibition opened in June and expected more revenue than the hot summer days. But the moving ropeway stopped suddenly and caused the passengers to experience fearful moments. While the rope was going to cause the disaster, the teams that stepped in front of a big accident. It was determined that there were some problems and deficiencies in a project designed by a technician who was in charge in Switzerland. Passengers were hung up for 45 minutes, as there was no possibility to evacuate what was left in the air. Fearful minutes of the public advertising between the public advertisement of the cable car rush was reduced over the years. This is not over. The oil dripping from the steel ropes on the passengers traveling in the open air also caused an increase in complaints. During the exhibition that lasted for three years, Istanbul residents had the opportunity to meet with the projected air. This experience, which was partially practiced in 1958, will finally become a permanent one in 1993 and will have the cable car line with the Maçka-Taşkışla cabin in Istanbul.

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