The man who beat the London Underground running (Video)

The man who beat the London Underground by running: The London Underground, at least as famous as the city itself, was the scene of a very, very strange race that you cannot see even in the royal Olympics. EpicChallenges, famous for its racing videos that are not quite normal Youtube In the video broadcasted by his channel, we watch a British boy racing with the London subway. Taking advantage of the fact that the London subway is not seven floors below the ground like the Istanbul subway, the young man goes up the subway he got off at the Mansion House stop and continues to run full throttle on the streets. During this strange race that will end at the subway stop on Cannon Street, a friend of the young man also takes the view from the subway. Meanwhile, the young man, putting on fifth gear, manages to reach the stop in almost the same time as the metro and gets on the subway. The young subway people congratulated the young man who threw himself to the ground with his tongue out. I wonder when we see a similar one in Istanbul.




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