Kütahya-Gediz-Uşak Highway Road Construction

Double Road Works on Kütahya-Gediz-Uşak Highway: Double road works on Kütahya-Gediz-Uşak Highway continue.
Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu stated that significant steps have been taken in the double road works carried out between Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Abide-Uşak on Kütahya-Gediz-Uşak Highway. he said.
Mayor Saraoğlu continued his speech as follows: “Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Abide-Uşak double road works are continuing rapidly. Within the scope of these works, 26 box culverts were constructed. Construction of 3 underpasses has started in Çavdarhisar. Stone wall construction works have been started in Eskigediz Hisar area, and explosive works are carried out with dynamite in areas where excavation cannot be done with construction equipment. Approximately 46 km of this road from the 10th km is aimed to be asphalted in 2014. Double road works between Abide and Uşak are also carried out within the same scope. In 33,5 km double road works, Gölcük Bridge and Alikahya Bridge foundation and edge foot elevation concretes were completed. At the bottom of Yenikent, the three-eyed 3x (4.0 × 2.0) culvert has reached the completion stage. In the section between Çeltikçi road junction and Abide, road fill and box culvert construction work has started.



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