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Massive increase in mass transportation in Konya: The Metropolitan Municipality made a surprise hike to Elkart the previous day. Student tickets and civilian tickets have reached around 30
Metropolitan Municipality gave a surprise hike to Elkart the previous day. The new elkart fees, which have been shown as the highest hike in recent years, infuriated the citizen. Metropolitan Municipality used the public transport vehicles in Elkart quietly without a raise up to approximately 30. Elkart filling point of citizens in the face of a hike in surprise could not hide. Many citizens reacted to the hike. This increase in the 2 week to the opening of schools depressed most students.

Students will no longer cut the 90 penny at a time, 1.15 penny. So a student will no longer pay the more expensive fee than 28 percent.

50 lyrical subscribers will be able to subscribe to 30 lire with 65 hike with added percentage. 1.30 kuruşan 1.65 cents, the price of civilians rose. A citizen who does not benefit from the discount will now subscribe to 100 lire. Before the hike, 75 was subscribed to the pound. The rate of increase in civil subscribers is 33.

25 liralık raise the waist bending the citizen's comments. The metropolitan municipality is expected to announce a raise.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:11

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