Speed ​​quality increased by rail buses running between Konya and Karaman

The quality of speed increased with the rail buses operating between Konya and Karaman: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 67 on the 3 kilometer in the Adana-Mersin corridor. and 4. ini We intend to complete the project at 2017. Between Adana and Mersin, there are still rail busses on the 52 route a day. 3. and 4. This will increase with the construction of roads. yol

Elvan, AA correspondent, said that in the province of Adana within the boundaries of both passenger and freight services in order to be able to continue efficiently and effectively in the period of AK Party governments 495 million pounds were invested, 2014 38 thousand thousand pounds more than 785 for rail investments and leave 8 said the million 287 was achieved in a thousand pounds.

Providing information about important electrification and signaling projects, Elvan said that the development of both Adana and the region will accelerate with the big projects to be realized in the upcoming period.

Elvan stated that they aim to complete the signaling and electrification of the existing railway network by 2016. Tamam The ongoing Boğazköprü-Yenice is under construction in Mersin-Toprakkale Signaling Project; In the first stage, we will take the Boğazköprü-Yenice line section. With the completion of the railway projects in the GAP action plan, the national and international railway integration of Adana will be strengthened. GAP

Elvan stated that the project of electrifying the Kayseri-Mersin-Adana-Toprakkale line was put into practice in order to accelerate the access of the Central Anatolia to Mersin Port and to increase the line capacity, and that the project was under construction.

  • Road renewal and 3 from Adana to Mersin. and 4. road construction

Elvan, Konya-Karaman, Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice-Mersin-Adana axis is renewed and this increases the quality of freight and passenger transportation.

Elvan emphasized that the passenger and freight transportation between Adana and Mersin is increasing day by day, layan 67 in the Adana-Mersin corridor, 3. and 4. the project work on the construction of the road is completed, we aim to be finished at 2017. Between Adana and Mersin, there are still rail busses on the 52 route a day. 3. and 4. This will increase even more with the construction of roads yol.

  • 40 minutes from Konya-Karaman and 2 hours in Ankara-Karaman will be 25 minutes

Ankara-Konya YHT connection between Ankara and Adana in order to switch to the high-speed train operation between Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Adana to the current speed of the 200 km-speeding to make the double-dialing Elvan, said:

Kilomet The first stage of the Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice-Adana high-speed train project, which is still the maximum 120 km / h for passenger trains, 65 km / h for freight trains. projects have been prepared for the construction of two lines, electric and signaling. 102 pieces crossing, 200 units underpasses and 200 overpasses over the existing route, which can be made at maximum 73 km / h, will be completed by making the whole route. Between Konya-Karaman and 13 with 23 hour 1 hour with Diesel Engine Train Sets (DMU) will be 13 minutes. Ankara-Karaman will be 40 hours 2 minutes. The increase in the speed of the route, the shortening of the travel times and the passenger transport between Ankara and Adana via Kayseri was provided in a shorter time via Ankara-Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla in connection with the HRC, while it was important in the freight and passenger transportation between İstanbul-Eskişehir-Afyonkarahisar-Konya-Adana-Mersin. increase will be provided. artış

Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice, Mersin-Adana-Incirlik-Toprakkale-Bahce-Nurdag-Gaziantep high-speed railway, Gaziantep-Aleppo high-speed railway, Akçagöze-Başpınar Variant, Mürşitpınar-Şanlıurfa, Nusaybin-Cizre-Habur speed railway projects are reminded that the investment program Elvan, Kayseri-Ulukisla, Nurdagi-Kahramanmaras, Nurdağ-Narlı-Malatya, Narlı-Akçagöze said that the fast railways will be included in the investment program.

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