Konya-Karaman electrification plant as a result of tender (Special News)

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) will perform the new developments on the tender for the construction work of Konya-Karaman electrification plant.

TCDD Konya-Karaman electrification plant tender for the construction tender 13 company. RayHaberAccording to information received by; the tender was held on 25.09.2014. The approximate cost of the tender which is determined as 69,874,669,50 lira and its bids is as follows:
1-Ultra 46,944,000,00
2-E + M 47,507,583,00
3-EmreRay 48,717,000,00
4-Nativity 51,900,000,00
5- KMB + Akçadağ 55,890,123,25
6 Building Merk 56,570,104,00
7-Unitek + Tour 56,854,756,13
8- Savronik + Moonlight 56,855,465,00
9-Guler 56,976,007,96
10-Siemens 58,823,081,56
11- Oztas-Divers 65,905,190,00
12-Atilla Machine 75,876,418,70
13-GCF 87,293,542,00



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