Keçiören subway station

Kecioren subway length is extended: The final stop was the decision to extend the Keçiören subway, planned as a casino. This decision, the length of the 8 kilometer metro line, Etlik City Hospitals will be passed in the region.

The 'Presidential Post son prepared by the General Directorate of EGO, which was accepted at the previous day's session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, was extended to the Forum Outlet AVM of the Keçiören subway. Thus, it was decided that the total length of Kecioren subway would increase to 8.

In the Presidential Letter, it is stated that there is a need for a new storage area due to technical difficulties and lack of space in the storage area besides the meteorological station for the M4 Keçiören (Gazino) -AKM metro line. As the new warehouse area, 'The Forum Outlet is thought to be a place near the AVM' in the Presidential Letter stated in the following statements:


X Being the last stop of Kecioren subway station, the distance between the station and the number of stations is varying between 4 and 6 kilometers. Starting from the AKM station, we will have a metro line that will pass through Etlik City Hospitals region with a line of approximately 8 kilometers to the storage area near the Forum Outlet AVM. Therefore, when this route is preferred for the landfill site, a region with significant passenger potential will have the metro. Sah


In addition, the presidency letter, which will be held as the continuation of the Kizoren-AKM subway line, is planned to be extended after the AKM-YHT Terminal line, and it is stated that it is suitable to extend the bus and minibus stop next to Kizilay Guvenpark and to plan the nearby area in Sihhiye as the intermediate station. .

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:18

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  1. On the construction sign when the construction of the Keçiören Metro was started: 2002, end date: 2005 was written. Year 2014 still could not be used in Keçiören Metro. There is not a single news about the media.