KARSİAD President: BTK railway name is Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum

KARSİAD President: Let the name of BTK railway be Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum.Kafkas Industrialists and Businessmen Association (KARSİAD) Chairman Sultan Murat Dereci reminded that even the project of the logistic center in the Kars part of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway could not be drawn. Dereci, who noted that the logistics center was established in Erzurum and environmental planning was started; Baku Tbilisi suggests that the name of Kars railway is Baku Tbilisi Erzurum railway, 'How long will we live with this dream?' asked.

KARSİAD Board members came together with the press members at the breakfast meeting. At the meeting, where the agenda was BTK railway, logistics center and Aktaş Border Gate, President Dereci said that the people of Kars do not know anything about BTK. Rumor has it that when the Azerbaijani side of the Turkey side that they heard that my transfer Dereci; “Azerbaijan said, 'We did our job, why don't you do it?' We hear that the ambassador and Kars Deputies here are discussions about this. As the project delays, it hurt us too. Losing Kars, Turkey is losing. We cannot convert this investment into added value. This is a dead investment. ” used expressions.


Underlining that nobody, including non-governmental organizations in Kars, knows about BTK, Dereci; “If there is a problem, it must be explained, how long will we live with this dream? It must be said that the project has been extended to this extent. Someone says 2015 someone says it will end in 2016. Someone says the investment was stopped. Neither the politicians inform us about what happened nor there is any information in the governorship. ” used the expression,

Dereci pointed out that the job falls on non-governmental organizations operating in Kars; “We have to work actively. This city is overlooking, politicians are coming, and we have to ask every one of them. We must express it in every environment. If we want to do something for Kars, we have to bring it up every day. We should not look at this against or against the government. We have to look at Kars, it should be in the press every day so that something can happen. If we say laylaylom the minister who came here does not tell the problems in the real sense, the report goes otherwise. ” said.


Stating that Kars should make better use of the blessings of BTK, Mayor Dereci said; “We believe that it is still necessary to know exactly where to do it in Kars, where there is still more about the logistics center, and that there is no concrete project, it should only be talked about, and action should be taken even though no work is done. In this regard, we thought to inform our Kars citizens. As Kars people and as Kars business people, we remained silent about the construction of the logistics center. How is his project? How is it going to be made? How will the buildings be? How will the railway line arrive? Where will it connect? There is no information about them. Only the logistics center is called in Kars. He started to establish a Logistics Center in Erzurum with us. Currently they are doing landscaping. The name of this project was Baku - Tbilisi - Erzurum. There are no projects in Kars yet! ”

Dereci said, 'If the logistics center called to be established in Kars does not have a project, this will be our deficiency'. “As Kars people, we have not been able to mobilize politicians. We did not act ourselves. We feel the need to express these shortcomings and make an agenda as soon as possible. ” He made self-criticism.


In addition to the logistics center, Dereci also touched upon Kars's need for the Free Zone; “Having a Free Zone will offer very important advantages to Kars. When you become a Free Zone, the goods coming here will be directly exported, that is, you have exported. Then we will be exempt from many taxes such as VAT. This will ensure that investors come to our city. We should be a Free Zone rather than the 6th province in development. This benefits Kars. If this happens, it will create employment for Kars. ” expressed his views.


President Dereci, Turkey's third largest border gate will be put forward, noting mad Aktas border gate of Georgia over the Turkic Republics and the Middle East will open in Turkey's most important trade point would be every opportunity voiced here that the continuation of the shortcomings they observed. Dereci said, “On the occasion of the door to be opened with a view to Kars, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Turkic Republics must go and meet the business world and the representatives of the business world here. If we do not meet, who will the export be with when the door is opened? We have to go and do business negotiations in this area. ” said.

Dereci emphasized that Kars businessmen should improve and renew themselves in foreign trade; “When the Aktaş border gate is opened, if we want to take advantage of BTK's blessings, we must renew, develop and establish commercial bridges already.” spoke in the form.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:18

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