Exciting waiting for agency workers working on highways

The anticipation for subcontractors working on the highways continues: the sectors with the most prevalence of food contractors, the cleaning sector with 417 thousand people and the construction sector with 318 thousand people. In this sense, the new regulation continues excitedly for the subcontracted workers who will come with a bag law.
Faruk Çelik's announcement that he would bring the draft law on the staffing issue to the agenda of the Parliament in October gave hope to the workers. Most of the workers have to prove this in order to obtain the right to staff. Çelik's statements about the subcontracted workers in the public made sound. An exciting wait has begun for approximately 600 thousand subcontractors working in the public sector. There are 6.500 workers who have proved this situation only on the highways and 80 workers who were the subject of conflict.
Evening Newspaper writer Okan Guray Bulbul wrote about recruitment of subcontracted workers. Labor Minister Faruk Celik, last week by the court decision to prepare the law for workers who will prepare the draft law will come to the agenda of the Assembly in October, he said. Following this announcement, the excited anticipation for 600 thousand subcontractors working in the public sector began. There are 6 thousand 500 workers and 80 thousand workers who have been subject to collusion. Therefore, the scope of the regulation will be quite wide.
2011 also made a court ruling that subcontracted workers should actually be public workers. This decision was upheld by the Court of Cassation at 2013. So there is a final decision. In other words, approximately 6 Thousand 500 Highways workers have acquired the right to be workers of the General Directorate of Highways. In other words, these people need to be given public squad. Along with this finalized squad decision on highways workers, it was also decided to be counted as public workers from the beginning. As a result, wage differences of the collective bargaining agreement for the retrospective 5 year period will also be paid to these workers. The Supreme Court has also appealed the decision of the local court on wage differences. About 3.5 years have passed over the right of staff obtained by the judicial decisions of the workers working in the General Directorate of Highways. The issue was previously stuck in the Finance barrier. This time, however, necessary preparations have been made to resolve this issue, and in October, the Assembly's agenda is expected to come with a regulation granting them the right to become public workers.
KPSS problem can be overcome with 'worker'
However, the Ministry of Finance has some reservations. It has been pronounced many times that recruitment of workers is difficult because they do not take the KPSS exam. Minister Çelik's statement proposes a solution that will eliminate this problem. With the draft law that will be prepared for the transfer of these people to public personnel as civil servants and not as civil servants or contracted personnel, it is aimed to eliminate the KPSS problem.
Old account must be closed
A work that should no longer be subcontracted will be done by the original employer, ie the workers of the public sector. Therefore, it seems unlikely that such a problem will emerge once again. However, the past mistakes should be corrected and the right of staff to be granted by court decision should be granted to this right. Otherwise, the problem of subcontractor workers will not be completely solved. Problems in the use of subcontractors in the private sector should be solved.
Compensation rising
On the other hand, there cannot be a situation where the rights obtained as a result of judicial decisions are not implemented due to public finances. As a result of the insistence of the Ministry on this issue, the right to compensation granted by the judiciary to the workers is increasing day by day. to these people as soon as kazanThe opinion that the rights they are entitled to should be given and the grievances should be eliminated is predominant.

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