Karabük New Ring Road Projects Ready

Karabüke New Ring Roads Projects Ready: AK Party Karabük Provincial Chairman Timurçin Saylar said that the projects of two ring roads with three alternatives, which will connect the Bartın Kastamonu and Zonguldak roads of Karabük, are being prepared.
During the press conference at the party building, Saylar made a speech about the visit of the Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzioğlu to Karabük and the ring road during the week.
President Saylar, Minister Müezzinoğlu said they received the necessary support in the planned health investments during his visit to the Provincial Presidency and said dest The old State Hospital in Bayır neighborhood will be demolished and the Oral Dental Health Hospital and Dental Faculty will be served instead. The existing polychinics, which are at the back, will continue as the district polyclinic. There's no going back. Polikinik wanted to put the ring to the hospital above the Minister and his planning do. We start the planning of the construction in Bayrı district starting from January of 2015. We asked the minister to finish the construction of the Oral Dental Health Hospital in a short time by giving the demolition tender. We don't think we're going to have a shortage of allowances. Besides, we are building a large health complex in 5000 houses. Provincial Health Directorate, KETEM and Tuberculosis War will be a comprehensive building. The ground floor of the Public Hospitals General Secretariat building is large because we are trying to get it there. We're doing gymnastics about him. In two years, these buildings will be finished and put into service. The birth hospital in that area was closed and the building was transferred to the NWA. NWU will be converted to Health Vocational School. Again a large family medicine building will be built in the 5000 houses district and will be deployed to the 4 family physician. Three doctors will be working in the day and one hour from 5 to 12. Our hospital in Safranbolu is planned to be completed by January Saf.
Provincial President Timurçin Saylar, Karabük, Bartin, Kastamonu and Zonguldak ways to connect to the roads to be connected to the work done in the 2009 year, recalling that am the first, second and third stage in this draft were different aspects. The Regional Directorate has done its work and submitted the draft to the Ministry and the project tender will be made. The road from Eflani turn to Ovacuma The 6 tunnel will be taken into the valley and the Ahmet Usta ramps with a thousand 300 altitude will be folded and the Bartın road will be shortened by 10. Now Bartin will fall to 82 mileage and 72 mileage. After the dams made after the return of Abdipaşa route viaducts will be passed through the tunnel. At least until 2023 we aim to reduce the path to Bartin 30 minutes. This is where everything is finished In 2015, we have requested the tender for the project and we will follow the General Directorate. There were two or three alternatives on the freeway. One of these alternatives will be given to the university from the back of the Karıt industry where Bartın and Kastamonu roads meet, and from there to the farm village and from there to the viaduct junction. Within this project, the tunnel will be built from the bottom of the university. A project with high cost and will be a project to relax the city. When this project is done, it will also produce land. At the time of the ring road, the land will be used by the industrialists and tradesmen. Another is the road that connects to Zonguldak direction in the neighborhood of the TOKI behind the village of Ödemiş and from there to the top of the traffic from the top of the viaduct KARDEMİR. All of these projects came to the General Directorate of Highways. We got promises about them. We'll finish them as soon as possible, En he said.

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