Bridge over the river

Kağızman Çallı Bayam Village bridge skein: Kars, Kağızman district of the village of the village before the 2 67 years before the flooding of the bridge due to the danger of collapse due to collapse and the new bridge, as well as the peasants, elementary school students. XNUMX students studying in different districts of the district, fear from the bridge as they are scared, rainy and snowy weather are having a hard time.
The group is a group road and 3 connects to the bridge that provides services to the villagers who said that thousands of people, especially in the winter, said they experienced great troubles. Top, sir. and the students who go to their schools with the transportation education from the graveyards of Çallı houses are forced to walk from time to time due to the shortage of them. The students said, araç We cannot drive because our bridge is broken and there is a danger of collapse. Our families are picking us up here. How do we go in winter? Snow-winter, it will be cold for us to make our bridge authorities, "he spoke.
Ümüz Our bridge is about to collapse. We take our children from here and walk together for a while. Authorities help us. How will our children go and come in the winter, K he said.
The residents of Çallı Village and Çallı Mezrası, who provided the passage from the bridge, said, ve Our students are victimized due to the lack of a bridge. We are experiencing the same problems in emergency patients. There are children who fell and broke their feet and hands as they crossed the bridge. Köprü
Mehmet Köksüz, head of Çallı Bayam Village, said, “Due to the flooding of our bridge, 2 has collapsed for years. I don't care if I told you. As you can see, the bridge is broken and collapsed six. The vehicles passing without knowing the next day may fly if the bridge collapses. Then who will be responsible for it? O he burned.

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