Full throttle journey after Izmir

Full gas journey after Izmit: YHT covers the distance between Istanbul and Ankara in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. With the time to reach the train station from the European side in Istanbul, the journey takes 5 hours…

High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which is a new transportation alternative between Ankara and Istanbul, continues its full-time flights. Until now, the speed of the train traveling by 150 a thousand passengers has fallen to the 50 mile from time to time, but the passengers are satisfied.
YHT flights between the capital and Istanbul, which is an alternative to air and highway, continues. In this new transportation alternative, which is preferred by approximately 1 thousand passengers in the last 150 month, the distance between Istanbul and Ankara is approximately 3.5 per hour. YHT ticket processing is also very practical. We do not take any extra action from our computer, we also get discounted tickets from Kazlıçeşme YHT'nin departing for Pendik Station.
When the internet discount is added to the tickets that we buy from the wagons, the price falls down to 69. For the train at 13.30, we use Marmaray, perhaps the most comfortable way to get from the European side to the Anatolian side. We go to Ayrılıkçeşmesi Station in 11.00 minutes with Marmaray departing from Kazlıçeşme in 15. Our journey to Metro by Metro takes approximately 40 minutes.

260 kilometers per hour
From Kartal metro station, we reach Pendik by a minibus journey of 20 minutes. In total 1 hours 15 minutes we reach the Pendik station, the staff simply printed the printer QR code on their hands after reading the device we pass the train.
The train is moving when the watch shows the full 13.30. The first attention to detail on the fast train is the lack of seat belts in the seats. Through the monitors in the wagon we are able to track our speed and current location. According to a technical staff, the train's high-speed navigation systems automatically compensate for the speed. This compensation permits maximum mileage of 250-255. However, with the inclination, the speed can be as high as 260 per hour.

Rich menu option
Food service starts when the train moves. Meat rotating, rice pilaf, salad, orange juice and gummy custard in the menu ticket price. In the restaurant, tea 1.75 pounds, toast varieties 2.75 pounds are sold.
The meat on the top of the meat, tandoor, meatballs, doner, kebab, vegetable boiled, chicken with salsa sauce, chicken turns and shinitzel main dishes such as the main menu of the selective set menu prices 17 lira. In spite of the high speed, there is no shaking in the cars. Therefore, eating is quite comfortable.

Waiting for the ramp

Almost every car in the train has special sections for disabled passengers. However the train is quite high from the gar level. Although there are disabled ramps at various points of the platform, it is difficult for a disabled person to travel alone. Garda met with Ali Sevcan, wheelchair-bound, waiting for the help of the staff to put his mother on a train, he had to do his own work.



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