The absence of a tram to Izmir is to mock the city

Failure to take tram to Izmite is to mock the city: Zafer Mutlu, Chairman of the Felicity Party Izmit District, who has criticized Izmit traffic, which has become thoroughly inextricable with the opening of schools, expressed that the discussion of whether the tram, which was announced before the election, should be held today or not, was to mock the city. The nm weekly board meeting was held at the party building.

Before the meeting, the chairman of the district, Zafer Mutlu, made statements on the city agenda. Stating that the new education and training started with great problems, President Zafer Mutlu said, “I regret to express that the education policy of the AKP, which has changed 12 ministers in 5 years, is completely fiasco.

Due to the partisan attitudes, many schools from the city center started the new period without migration. Students do not know how to take an exam in 2015 due to the puzzles in the exam system.

According to the results of high school placement, the students who could not settle in their preferences should be placed in their schools at their nearest addresses, and great mistakes were made and their child in Izmit was placed in Kandira. ”

President Zafer Mutlu, who shares a public opinion survey with an educational age 32 thousand students.

“In a survey conducted last year, 32 thousand students, most of whom were in high school first year, were cigarettes, and 100 out of 45 students were smoking. 32 of them state that they use alcohol and 9 of them use drugs.

Those who read in Anatolian high schools consume more alcohol while those who study in vocational high schools consume more cigarettes. This table is a very sad picture showing the situation of our students.

While Western countries state that their education system has collapsed, we are trying to implement the western education system. A system of education, which respects the world and ahret balance, is essential.

We should raise generations that will not leave their world for the afterlife for the world. ”

Drawing attention to the traffic jam in the city center of Izmit and mentioning that this situation will increase with the opening of the schools, President Zafer Mutlu said: “308 thousand students in 68 schools in Izmit, and 73 thousand students are educated in Kocaeli University.

As of today, there is a great mobility in the city center. Ruling this city for 10 years, the AKP has not found a solution to the city traffic.

Public transport cable car and tram could not be used for the use of Izmit. Even if the route has been announced on the tram, the debate about whether it is still today is to mock the city.

This is not acceptable. The burden of the construction of the biggest shopping center in Kocaeli for the ÖmerTürkçakal Blade, where traffic is stuck, has never been considered ”.



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