Izmir's new transportation system should be canceled before schools are opened

The new transportation system of İzmir should be canceled before schools are opened: Citizens who want a solution to the problem before the education of approximately 1 million students start, “Let the metropolitan get back from the wrong immediately. It should neither make the people of İzmir a victim nor disgrace itself. Would those who set up this system want their children to take the subway? " said.

The new transportation system based on the transfer, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality claims to be a revolution in transportation, turned into a nightmare before even schools were opened, and brought the life of the citizen to the nose. The people of Izmir, who want a solution to this problem before starting education for about 1 million students together with the university students, said, “The Metropolitan Municipality does not have a thesis today, let it immediately return from this mistake. It should neither victimize the people of Izmir, nor the students, nor disgrace itself. This problem has become a shame for Izmir. How will our children get on the subway, İZBAN, bus? Do those who set up this system want their children to travel on this subway? " said. The people of İzmir made comments on the Yeni Asır website, which keeps their cries about this ordeal they suffered in transportation with headline news. Here are some of the cries of Izmirians voiced here:

  • User Name: DAS
    Let's not let go of this business. It wouldn't be such a disgrace. Everyone goes to Mersin, on the contrary, we go. I was angry with those who call Izmir a village, but if it goes like this, we will be worse than the village.
  • Username: Evka with 5
    Mr. Aziz Bey, the people of Izmir are civil, polite and respectful. Come sit on the ferry, on the subway or on the bus and listen to us. Leave bureaucrats, advisers. Believe that no one can touch your hair in the people of Izmir, whether you are the people, they will you shield, just ask.
  • User Name: Şirinyerli
    Mr. Kocaoğlu, have you tried to get on İZBAN in the morning and evening? You are disgraceful. You are probably the last mayor the CHP will see in Izmir. I do not know which bureaucrat offered you this İZBAN-based transportation system, but all the people of İzmir, including me, we ring your ears every morning and evening. Good luck to all the people of Izmir.
  • Buff: "
    When the school opens after 10 days, make a transfer in that rain and see your day. İzmirli cut the branch he was riding. Did not understand. You could not grasp the historical opportunity that came with Binali Yıldırım.

  • User Name: No Comment:
    We're not very happy with the subway.

  • Username: Göztepeli
    Aziz Bey makes victims literature because the Governorship does not give the goods, but he does not think about the people of İzmir whom he suffered. His excuse is always the same, 'they did not give any allowance, they did not approve, this is what happened'. Someone went out and said let me make stat immediately started to scribble, Konak tunnel is being built, doing everything to avoid getting it done. The people of Izmir are tired of these discourses, someone should tell them about it. He is there as president to solve the problems of the people and do business, not the municipal wailing wall.

  • User Name: bucalı
    You're wandering your eyes, you're expanding your paths, you don't make the 6-7 meter pavement, you make parking spaces for the nation! Where there is empty work, the municipality is there.

  • Username: Plate 35
    It has only been 3 months since the local elections. We will endure Aziz Kocaoğlu for 4 years and 9 months and we will witness the collapse of İzmir. While other provinces continue to take tours to Izmir, don't stop in Izmir, keep going back!

  • User Name: Semiha
    May the Mayor be removed from his post! This is the only solution ...

  • User Name: Yeter35
    Resign, Aziz Kocaoglu.

  • User Name: Hakan
    If the saint is up, the system works very well. Please contact with Aziz Bey and ESHOT Manager. park your luxury cars and go to work together with the public for a while. If I go to work every day with my luxury office tool, I say the system works fine.

  • User Name: Semiha
    This infamy doesn't end. Exasperated citizen. Kocaoğlu, who brings us in the morning shift in the environments that will get angry at the slightest thing, and disgusts on his way to our houses in the evening, you don't have to get up from his chair and study the surroundings. What's your presidency?

  • User Name: 1914 Altaylı
    Please continue with the news on this new transportation system every day, while 45 used to reach home from work every minute. Who will account for my 2 watch with Heba?

  • User Name: sevtap
    A municipality that comes to power with forced votes is persecuting its people. We, the inhabitants of Izmir, also remain silent. How will it be when it is not possible to get on İZBAN even before the schools are opened?

  • User Name: izmir-25
    It's not enough to just give up this system. All bureaucrats who think this system should be removed from the municipality immediately.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:11

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