The ordeal does not end in Izmir's connecting transportation system

The ordeal does not end in İzmir's connecting transportation system: Additional flights to alleviate the problems experienced in connecting transportation did not solve the problem either. Stating that they can only travel 20 minutes to an hour, citizens want the buses operating on long lines to be put into service again.
The chaos experienced with the transit transportation system implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the summer started to make itself felt better in the second week of opening schools. Citizens who want the system to be restored and the buses running on long lines to be put into service again said, “Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, completely give up his stubbornness. This system does not work. This node is not solved by putting 145 additional trips for students only. Not only students live in this city. This mistake must be completely avoided. ”
Number of cars increased
Meanwhile, it was observed that the removal of bus services to the city center in order to relieve urban traffic was not enough to relieve the traffic. Citizens who do not want to travel for hours with transfer and do not want to waste time, prefer to go on the traffic with private cars. For this reason, traffic is more intense than ever with the opening of schools.
Loss of time and money
While people using metro and buses in the Halkapınar Transfer Center create long queues, citizens who struggle to reach their schools with the public transportation vehicles they ride in succession, as well as citizens, reach their workplaces and have trouble on the way home at the end of working hours.
While the transfer centers return to the "hank center" with the cancellation of long lines, many citizens can only reach in 20-25 hours due to the transfer system to a place where they can go in 1-1.5 minutes before. The new system is also booming at the same time for citizens who are wasting time. Citizens, who used to travel even the longest distances to 2 TL, have to pay money again as the new system fills 90 minutes on the road.


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