Horrible Accident in Istanbul Subway (Video-Photo Gallery)

Istanbul Metro Terrible Accident: An incredible accident occurred in the industrial neighborhood-Seyrantepe metro line. The iron part that penetrated the front wagon of the metro was stuck in the passenger.

This morning, an accident occurred on the Sanayi Mahallesi - Seyrantepe line. The piece of iron piercing the front wagon of the subway was stuck in the passenger named Fatih Çoban. The iron rod pierced the thigh of the 33-year-old passenger. Information about the cause of the accident has not been obtained yet. Many ambulances and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. The injured passenger was taken to the hospital by the medical teams half an hour after the incident.


“I had to stop because of an accident. After the announcement, “Let's evacuate the passengers”, evacuation procedures started. Passengers who were trapped in the subway car and experienced a great panic were evacuated.


It was learned that the accident occurred for a long time in the section where the accident occurred, the police launched an investigation into the incident.


While there was no hitch in the direction of Hacıosman-Yenikapı after the accident, the flights between Sanayi Mahallesi and Seyrantepe were stopped. Going towards Seyrantepe was closed to pedestrians. Within the metro stop, the announcement was made every 5 minutes, "There are no trips between Sanayi Mahallesi and Seyrantepe due to a technical breakdown".


Fatih Çoban, who worked as a private security in a company, was injured in an incredible accident on the subway when he returned home from work. The iron bar was inserted into his hip and hospitalized Fatih Shepherd's health status is reported to be good.

There is no explanation from the authorities about the accident caused, the scene investigation teams continue to work.

Incredible accident in Istanbul Metro! First images from the scene

Passenger injured in Metro crash was brought to hospital

On the evacuation camera in the tunnel after the accident




    1. Let our injured citizens get past!
      But such an accident is INCREDIBLE, but the TRUTH of our country. Let's see what excuses after the review will hear and read hemen If the expert report does not fit, the second one will be ordered immediately, this is definitely the place. So even in the world's most reliable and non-intersecting transportation system, what can happen when the song is operated with standards in our country! Construction can be anywhere in every country, anywhere. In the London subway, the age-old wooden station platforms also burn. ... But entering subway cars may derail an iron spear misali up inside the wagon, injuring the passengers ... This Guinness record for the suspect, a type of accident in our country. Such an accident can occur, the help system can not work as it should be olm What if the fire in the car! Hundreds of people had to be evacuated in toxic smoke. So these things are not just building and operating public buses. Therefore, the scenarios are incomplete and / or inadequate, the audit is nanay, the awareness and awareness of employees is ary zero ki. The reaction is ”embarrassing Reaksiyon. The announcement made even a grotesque example. The event was not a technical fault.… In an advanced country, an announcement was heard that zarar because a person is damaged, there is no service at the moment Olay. Because it shows passenger = customer understanding, but you, especially such a VISIBLE accident "technical fault" If you say that you fundamentally undermine confidence in the system. Sooner or later, the odor arises the next day at the latest, and is propagated by speculation and spread in adorned form.
      Result; There is a bakery bread to be eaten / eaten!