InnoTrans Fair Intense interest from Turkey

InnoTrans Fair Intense interest from Turkey: International Railway Technology in Berlin, Systems & Tools Exhibition (InnoTrans), saw intense interest from Turkey.

Businessmen attending the fair are of the opinion that the listening crisis will not affect commercial relations. Recently, the subway, and with projects like Marmaray will be held in Istanbul 3rd airport and the 3rd bridge projects will also build rail systems hundreds of kilometers in length for Turkey, which is Germany together with public institutions and private sector representatives to increase cooperation in this field ' or did subtraction. Germany's capital this year, the tenth in Berlin International Railway Technology, Systems and Tools Fair (InnoTrans) mainly from Turkey Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of TCDD and Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), including many public institutions and Nearly 150 businessmen attended. Hosting 55 thousand 2 companies from 758 countries around the world, the fair is expected to host 23 thousand visitors between 28-130 September.

The businessmen, who came together with the representatives of the German rail systems industry at the fair, polled the ground for possible cooperation opportunities in the near future. In particular, the governor and the mayor considered the center of Bursa, Turkey's automotive and rail systems in production levels drew attention to participate in the exhibition. Representing the private sector, the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) delegation, who came to Germany with 96 businessmen, held talks not only in Berlin, but also in Hannover and Hamburg. Speaking to Deutsce Welle Turkish Service, BTSO President İbrahim Burkay said that they had the opportunity to participate in the rail systems fair in Berlin, the automotive sub-industry in Hanover and the wind energy fairs in Hamburg with their businessmen.

"We have a lot to learn from Germany"

Of power in Germany's industrial sector is a lot to teach to Turkey Burkay stressed, "the rail system in Turkey and we have major development plans in the field of aviation. Hundreds of our companies producing for the automotive industry can serve the rail systems industry as in Germany. "Currently, my members have already started applying to join InnoTrans in 2016". The German economy reached the point where the last 200-300 years to reach 15-20 years which emphasized that the issue of Turkey Burkay, "We believe that we showed up after 10 years of our company when we come to at least 5-6 giant InnoTrans trade fair in Germany. Turkey, the next 10 years rail system plans to invest 150 billion dollars. This investment has to be financed by Turkish companies, and for this, we closely monitor the way German companies do business ”.

"Listening crisis does not affect commercial relations"

Recently, Turkey-Germany relations are "listening" Because of the crisis has passed that point from a tense period Ibrahim Burkay, "but we think both countries' businessmen as would have negative repercussions in the long term the relationship of such political issues," he said. Stating that Germany is a great state and it is not surprising that great states engage in such activities, Burkay said, “If a country produces policies and projects that will affect the world and its region, we think that it is natural to encounter such events. Of course, if Turkey tapped, it must also listen. As companies, we call such activities market research. We will not have a serious economic and political problem with Germany, ”he said.

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