Transportation in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Transportation hike against the elramvay: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality's tram and bus transportation to a group who want to protest the hike, called "elramvay" grocery carts and walked to the town hall.

A group who wanted to protest the increase in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality's tram and bus transportation went to the city hall by taking the grocery baskets called elramvay.

Hoşnudiye neighborhood gathered at İsmet İnönü Street and a group of Student Collectives and People's Houses criticized the hike for bus and tram transportation, asking citizens to support the withdrawal of the hike.

Then the group behind the student, who called the ıyla elramvay ş, the group behind the ıyla get back into the hike ediy, ücretsiz free transportation to the student enc, “social municipality is not like this geri,“ my ex-id hoc inin banners with the slogan “Eskart'm hocam r tossed.
Yağmur Keçeli, who made a statement on behalf of the group before the municipality, stated that the transportation increase was unfair and demanded the withdrawal of the wage increase.
Keçeli added that they will fight for the right of transportation on every platform until the hikes are recovered.
After the announcement, the group handed over the signatures they collected for the withdrawal of the hikes by handing them over to the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality.


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