Hot Asphalt On OSB Connection Road

Hot Asphalt to OSB Connection Road: Pamukkale Municipality paved the road above the standards, which was previously sold and which businessmen took their customers to their factories by dusty roads.
Asphalting and road construction works of Pamukkale Municipality are in full swing. The municipality is asphalting above the standards that the businessmen, who have never seen an asphalt face before, take customers to their factories by dusty roads.
Pamukkale Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams under the control of the road construction work, Pinarkent Organized Industrial Zone, reaching the factories from the bottom section of the stabilized connection road overhauled and asphalted.
The construction machinery and team of 10 people started their work on the stabilized road which is separated from Denizli-Ankara highway connection to the organized industrial zone. The road was first excavated in places where the slope was high, and filling was done in places where there was a pit. Approximately 30 cm high filling material was laid on the road and made ready for asphalting. Then, the pavement part of 2,5-3 meter width was separated on both parts of the road and the border was laid. Approximately 1350 meters long road will serve as arrival and departure after paving.
Science Director Zehni Ertugrul, came to the region to examine the work. Director Ertugrul, the work in progress after checking the teams from the beginning to direct. The road will be covered with asphalt as hot bituminous mixture after filling. Thus, the businessmen who reach the factories from the bottom of the organized industrial zone will not have to pass their domestic and foreign customers through dusty roads. In the meantime, the work continued for several days before the Eid al-Adha will be completed and the road will be put into service reported. It was pointed out that the road will be above the highways standards.
The asphalting works of Pamukkale Municipality are not limited to the lower part of the Organized Industrial Zone, but also in the settlements such as Akköy, Karahayıt, Pınarkent and Bağbaşı.



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