Fast Train Hostesses: We also want to let you see the value

High Speed ​​Train Hostesses: We want to see value too.They are the angels of the rails… 91 stewardesses working in High Speed ​​Train serve to make the passengers have a comfortable and comfortable journey and the trains become more preferred. However, they complain about not seeing enough value…

Formerly serving as passengers in the Republic and the capital, the hostesses were transferred to the High Speed ​​Train. However, the railway hostesses did not receive any interest, such as air hostesses. The hostesses we talked to at Ankara Gar are also offended: ler Even in the magazine of TCDD, THY hostesses are being interviewed and they are not seeing us! Ankara

A total of 91 stewardesses work in YHTs. 70 of the stewardesses work in Ankara, 19 in Eskişehir, and 2 in Konya. Being a YHT hostess is not so easy. A minimum of 1.60 sizes are required. There must be 10 differences between height and weight. So if you are overweight, you have no chance. High school graduate is the lowest limit, but university and foreign language is preferred. Apart from being beautiful and having a good diction, the most important condition is to have practical intelligence and the ability to manage crisis.

Hostess Group Chief anthropologist Ebru Aydın shares one of the questions they asked during the interview: "What do you do when a passenger faints on the train?" His answer is clear: “The hostess must be informed first. Then the train conductor… It is also necessary to ask if there is a health worker on the train with the announcement. If there is a paramedic among the passengers, first aid is provided to the patient until the 112 Emergency Team arrives. ” However, during the interview, there are also answers such as "I put a spoon in the mouth and smell onions and cologne so that the faint's tongue does not run into her throat." Those who give such answers are eliminated….
XANX has been a hostess in YHT for the past year, promoted to the chief stewardship Neşe Dilli explains the difficulties of their work in the following words: It's hard to mess with people. For example, a passenger can be disturbed by someone else chewing gum. You have to take into account the complainant and not to offend the complaint. Siz

'We've never been on the agenda'
Stating that the THY hostesses have always been shown by fingers, but they are always ignored, Dilli said, ancak We absolutely respect the air hostesses. But we also want to let you see the value. There are even interviews with THY hostesses in our own professional magazine, and we have never been on the agenda. Kendi



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