Support for Yolder's E-raıl Project

IL e-RAIL esi for Yolder's E-raıl Project: esi e-RAIL esi is the European Commission's ışma e-RAIL esi vocational training project which is submitted to the Erasmus + Program.

The European Commission adopted the laşma e-RAIL D vocational training project, which is being submitted by the Railway Construction and Operating Staff Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) under the Erasmus + Program. The project, which aims to prepare educational programs suitable for national vocational qualifications and to implement e-learning-based implementation, will be fully funded by the European Union grant fund and will last for two years.

Within the scope of the Erasmus + Program in the field of education and youth offered by the European Union to Turkey's National Agency for the year ended 2014 project applications. 2014 year call for proposals Within the scope of Erasmus + vocational training strategic partnerships, the results of the application were announced by the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center. The e-RAIL project of YOLDER, headquartered in Izmir, was among the 205 projects chosen among the 25 projects and supported by granting support. YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat said that they were glad to see that their projects aiming at developing an e-learning platform for the vocational training of railway construction and maintenance personnel are selected and supported among the 205 projects.


Polat pointed out the importance of training and certification processes, especially with the expansion of the free railway market and the increase in the number of new labor force employed in the sector. Özden Polat emphasized that there is no institution providing education according to these standards and competencies in our country and gave the following information about the project targets which are accepted by the European Commission to grant grant support: preparation of training programs, development of online e-learning materials and the realization of pilot courses. One of the main objectives of our project is to strengthen the cooperation between railway construction personnel and vocational training and business world, and to increase the level of competence and skills. The completion of vocational qualification reforms at national level, supporting the modernization of education and training systems, and strengthening the international dimension of vocational education and training are among the objectives of our project. Ed


YOLDER is the coordinator of the e-RAIL project. Other partners of the project Refahiye from Turkey Erzincan University Vocational School, Costruzioni Generali Ferroviaria SpA from Italy and Germany Vossloh Fastening Systems. The project, which will be fully realized with the EU grant fund, will last for two years.


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