Get Ready, Istanbul Culture Hunt Coming

Ready, Istanbul Culture Hunt Coming: EMBARQ Turkey, the Association of AFS Volunteers (AFSGD) and TEMA, 21 September Sunday, the European Mobility Week (16-22 September) covered by coming together with young people in Istanbul Culture Hunt will perform at the Historic Peninsula.

The Culture Hunt, first organized by AFSGD in Ankara in 2005 and held in Istanbul for the first time in 2009, will take place in the Historic Peninsula this year with the theme "Let's Spread Our Culture with Youth in the Historic Peninsula, which is on the UNESCO Historical Heritage List". In order to raise awareness within the scope of the Culture Hunt targeting the youth, a seminar on the Urban Sustainable Lifestyle will be held before the event and a conversation about the history of Istanbul will be held after the event. The Sustainable Living Seminar, which will be held 1 day before the Culture Hunt, will give the participants a different perspective on sustainability. kazanaims to climb. In the seminar program; With the participation of experts, EMBARQ Turkey will provide information on what is sustainable transportation, TEMA on ecological literacy issues, and Yeşilist on the impact of climate change on cities. At the end of the Culture Hunt, an interview will be held with experts about the history and culture of Istanbul.

On the occasion of European Mobility Week and World Careless Travel Day, 21 is aiming to draw attention to young people's living environment and sustainable transportation methods with the Istanbul Culture Hunt event held on Sunday, September. Young people coming together with their groups at different meeting points will come to the main meeting point in the Historic Peninsula with different types of public transport. The groups, who had never been aware of the culture and history of the peninsula that they had come on several occasions before, will try to perform the tasks on foot in the pedestrianized Historical Peninsula, which explores the list of tasks given to them. The group with the highest score will be given a surprise reward.

Explore the environment they live in the Historic Peninsula, where they will reach by public transport
EMBARQ Turkey Director Arzu mullet, Istanbul Culture Hunt about the event: "The young participants will work on a rota basis in hand to explore the hidden aspects of culture. No means will be used during the hunt with the Istanbul Culture Hunt Project; so we want to create the perception that walking among the participants is a way of traveling. Our aim is to lead young people to a more active way of life both by public transport and walking. Ama

Throughout the day, participants will be able to explore the various cultural foci in the Historic Peninsula by solving puzzles during hunting, and will also be able to experience the area on foot after the pedestrianization project in the Historic Peninsula.

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