Haydarpaşa with Sirkeci gone-goes

Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci are gone: Haydarpaşa station building should be a hotel or a shopping mall. Kadıköy It was to prevent the municipality. It can not prevent. The fate of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations cannot be changed with the decision of the municipality or by a court decision.
Once our Great Turkish Elders have made a decision, they cannot return from their decisions. They said they said.
Our elders love railways and they hate 'gar' buildings. For the sake of renting the buildings of the garage as a hotel, as a restaurant, they are leaving the ones traveling by high-speed train away from the train.
We operate high-speed trains from Ankara to Istanbul. The train comes to Pendik. Passengers can reach Istanbul from Pendik by sea or by road in at least 2 hours. Those who will go to Anatolia are carrying their suitcases to Pendik. (Travel from Harem to Ankara by bus, 4.5 hours to the center of the city without getting in - bin.)
There is a huge, magnificent station building in Haydarpaşa worthy of Istanbul. Until recently, trains used to pick up and drop off passengers from this station without disturbing anyone. At this station, 'Istanbul would meet' those who get off the train. With its sea, with its scenery, with its air ...

Garlar attractions
Famous Istanbul expressions (Orient Express) coming from Europe were the passengers of Sirkeci. Sirkeci garı splendor, the front of the door to come with the Istanbul view were fascinating.
Trains from Europe now Halkalıpassengers at the 'made up' station. Passengers with luggage in their hands scramble to reach Istanbul in one or two hours.
The Sirkeci railway station and the Haydarpaşa railway station are also memorial buildings. Symbols of Istanbul. There are many hotels in Istanbul, there are restaurants, coffee. New ones are being made. Sirkeci and Haydarpasa gar buildings do not necessarily have to be transferred to 'someone' for rent. Unable to return. Public properties have gone to at least one of the '99 yearbook'. The goods of the people turn into servants.
Today, the richest railroads are used from the poorest countries. From the poorest to the richest, in the big cities the railroad brings down passengers in the center of the city. Gar downtown is the center of attraction of the city with its splendor. People meet at the main square, passengers meet. Those who come to the city enjoy the pleasure of the stroke in the center of the city.
This is the superiority of railways to the airline. Instead of going to the airport, waiting for airplanes, in-bin, instead of taking the train from the center of the city, descending to the center of the other city (especially in the high-speed train period) provides superiority to the railways. It is difficult to understand why our Great Turkish Elders could not love the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations.

What intention, what
The gateway of Istanbul to Anatolia, Haydarpaşa Train Station, Haydarpaşa - Pendik line was opened in 1872, and Sirkeci Train Station, the gateway to Europe, was opened in 1890. Both station buildings were built during the reign of Abdulhamid II.
Abdulhamit wanted to perform Prerault's 'Cisr-i Enbubi Project' (submarine steel tunnel project) to unite Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations. (The AKP government, 144 laid the foundation for this project, the Marmaray project at 2004 after a year)
The granite marble and stones from Marseille Aden were used in the construction of the Sirkeci station, which was the work of the German architect August Jachmund. The surroundings of the building, which was very close to the sea in the first years, has undergone great changes over time.
The Haydarpasa Train Station was built as the starting station of the Istanbul-Baghdad Railway Line. In the last period of the Ottoman Empire, alongside the Baghdad Railway, Istanbul-Damascus-Medina (Hijaz Railway) trains departed from this station.
German Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno'nun drawing the construction of the building of the German masters worked with the German craftsmen. It was made easier to load and unload the goods of the wagons coming from Anatolia or going to Anatolia by making a breakwater.
They say 'what is the intention, what is fortune'… Our station buildings are like that… They were built years ago as a station building… Let's see who will be the gates of profit…



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