Giresun cable car project on the road

Giresun cable car project is on the way: Giresun Provincial Council President Mürşit Gürel said that a cable car will be built in Giresun with a special administration channel.

Gürel, for some time by the governor's office Giresun Castle and the shipbuilding between the ships of the area for the construction of the cable car has been carried out, he said.

Expressing that the governor's office had negotiations with investors for the construction of the ropeway with the build-operate-transfer model, but no results could be obtained from them. We will construct the cable car with the loan of Iller Bank. We started the infrastructure preparations for the construction of the ropeway. We aim to complete the project by the summer of 2015 ”.

Stating that Giresun Provincial General Assembly's decision was taken in the current session of Giresun Provincial Assembly to transform the Giresun Special Provincial Administration building into a hotel, Gürel said:

“There is a need for a 5 star hotel in Giresun. For this purpose, we have been working for a while to transform the building construction of our private administration into a hotel. We are meeting with some investors. There are some suitors. The building appeared as the official institution in the zoning plan. In today's session of our Assembly, we decided to apply to Giresun Municipality to change the zoning plan as accommodation facility area. Thus, we will be able to allocate the building to investors faster.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:36

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