GE and TULOMSAS load engine for TCDD

GE and TULOMSAS load engine to TCDD: General Electric (GE) and TULOMSAS completed 2012 in order to deliver the 50 of the PowerHaul ™ freight locomotives, which it announced in the scope of the expansion of its strategic partnerships, and committed to the production of 5 units. with the latest technology, safe and environmentally friendly features with outstanding powerhaul ™ freight locomotives, primarily in Eskisehir, Afyon, Bilecik, will be used in all the lines is intense in Turkey after Ankara as freight. GE and TULOMSAS, 2015 10 units will complete the delivery of the Powerhaul ™ locomotive TCDD. locomotives produced in Eskisehir, Turkey as well as Europe, the Middle East and North Africa will be exported. The export of the first locomotive was realized in Europe in 2014.

GE Transportation Europe, K. Africa, Middle East, Russia, Turkic Republics General Manager Gökhan Bayhan said, bir We are pleased to fulfill our commitments supporting local production and employment within the scope of our cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ. We successfully completed the 5 PowerHaul ™ freight locomotive which is the work of our Turkish engineers and technicians and delivered them to TCDD. Until 2015 5 PowerHaul ™ we aim to deliver more of the freight engine. GE Transportation as our innovative technology and our experience with that of Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer TÜLOMSAŞ, while promoting the export capacity of the country, the technological development and investment in railways, we are proud to provide added value target, "he said.

The work of Turkish engineers

2023 50-100 Powerhaul ™ locomotive will be produced by 30 until the 70-XNUMX number is planned to be exported.

As a result of the partnership between GE and TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ employees were trained by GE engineers and technicians both in Eskişehir and GE Erie Pennsylvania during the year in order to improve the workforce and increase innovation efforts.

Around the world, 50 bin GE locomotives are used in more than 20 countries. GE Transportation shares its know-how with TÜLOMSAŞ in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ and contributes to the training of Turkish engineers and technicians for the production of the latest technology locomotives.

Innovative, environmentalist, faster and more efficient

PowerHaul ™ is a more powerful, clean and fuel efficient locomotive compared to other load locomotives. GE PowerHaul ™ Locomotive with speed, confidence and cost-effective features in freight transportation, V-16, dual turbo 3,700-GHPor, 2.750 kW engine, 6 axle, advanced AC traction system and dynamic braking to support light axle load applications Designed for more horsepower and traction. PowerHaul ™ Locomotives, designed to provide innovative solutions to today's environmental problems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9 in comparison to other locomotives in line with GE's energy efficiency commitment. The PowerHaul ™ Series with low maintenance - repair costs also complies with EU Stage emission standards and offers a flexible platform that easily adapts to local requirements. In addition to the ergonomic design and maximum efficiency of the locomotive cabin, the dynamic braking feature also provides smooth operation during heavy load transport.

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