Railway passing through the city center of Aydın

The railway passing through the city center of Aydın is moving out of the city: The railway passing through the city center of Aydın is preparing to move to the south of the city. The new project will be double-lined for the railway, instead of making double lines in the city center, the new route is planned to be taken out of the city. TC DDY 3 who sent a letter to the Municipality of Efeler. Deputy Regional Director Murat Bakir, Aydin Denizli, 2. In order to be used in the study project and engineering studies for the line 1 / 100 scale development plan asked for. In order to work on the railway, a special commission for 6 was established in the Municipal Council of Efeler.
Efeler Mayor Mehmet Mesut Ozakcan and councilors, who were warmly welcomed to move to the south of the city passing through the city center of Aydın, established a special commission for the people of 6. State Railways 3. In his official letter sent to the Municipality of Efeler, 22 in July, 1 stated that a second line will be added to the existing İzmir-Aydın-Denizli railway line in line with the 100000 / 1 scale environmental plan of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. / 1000 scale application demanded zoning plans.
Mayor Mesut Özakcan, Efeler City Council in the second meeting of August, the State Railways 3. The demand from the Regional Directorate was shared with the members and the members of the assembly reached a consensus to transfer the İzmir-Aydın-Denizli railway line passing through the city to the south of Aydın Efeler. In line with the 05 / 2011 scale environmental plan, which was put into effect by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on 1 July 100000 date, another step was taken in the first meeting of the City Council of Efeler in order to pass the existing intercity railway line through the south.
The commission was won by CHP, Fikri Aydın and Hakkı Gümüş, MHP's Ertuğrul Özdemir, Afşin Burak Öztürk, and AK Party Member Ahmet Ünveren Rıza Posacı. A working commission was established to cooperate with local administrations, relevant institutions and organizations, and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the resources allocated for the addition of the second strip to the existing intercity railroad line are shifted to the south. It was stated that the old line could be transformed into underground rail system and it could be used as green area and park.
The joint proposal to the Presidency of the Municipal Assembly of Efeler, Barış Altintas with the CHP, Fikri Aydin, MHP's Nedim Unal and the AK Party member Riza Posacı, stated that the construction of the new railway is more economically feasible. In the resolution, which stated that there is a public interest in removing the existing line rather than adding the second line, esi It would be in the public interest to shift the resource allocated to this process to the south of the existing intercity line instead of adding the second strip to the DDY line. For this, it is appropriate to establish commissions for cooperation with local administrations, related institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations. Bun


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