The company left unfinished, Highways closed the Akçakoca Bey Bridge

The company quit halfway, and the Highways closed the Akçakoca Bey Bridge: Akçakoca Bey Bridge, built by the General Directorate of Highways at the D-100 highway Izmit pass, at the Kandıra junction, was closed to traffic again. The justification is that the company that built the bridge did not finish its job completely.
Akçakocabey Bridge, which was built in the region where the traffic problem is the most experienced in Izmit and eliminating the traffic problem in Kandıra turnout, was opened just before the local elections of 30 Mart. Akçakocabey Bridge was built by Cengiz Construction Company which also undertook the construction of the high speed railway. The bridge, which was closed for a week, was reopened.
Despite the maintenance work, Akçakoca Bey Bridge was closed again. According to the information received from the authorities of the highways, the bridge was closed due to the completion of the work of the company missing the bridge was learned. Transportation is provided by the highways because of the closed road due to maintenance work. When the works were completed and the bridge was opened to traffic, no explanation was given to the neighbor. Closing this bridge a few days before the feast will further increase the difficulty.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:49

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