Fireworks Fireworks Exploded On Cable Car

Fireworks Fireworks exploded on the cable car: Fireworks fired at a wedding in Bursa exploded in the moving cable car cabin.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to make transportation to Uludag more comfortable by the cable car last night was an unfortunate event took place. Fireworks shot in a row at the wedding ceremony in Çamlık Park on the cable car, hit the cabin of the cable car returning from Sarıalan. In the incident that occurred during the last expedition of the cable car, the fact that no one was in the cabin prevented the disaster. Large damage occurred in the ropeway cabin hit by firecrackers.

The cabin crew said that the firecrackers had hit the cabinet and reported that the lights went out and shook violently. Acting upon the authorities' notice, the police are investigating who exploded fireworks. The investigation is in progress.

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