The man who fell on the tracks in the Bursaray line was saved at the last moment (Video)

The man who fell on the rails on the Bursaray line survived at the last minute: A dizzy citizen in Bursa fell on the rails of Bursaray. 12-year train driver Atilla Poyraz prevented a disaster with his attention.

A person who fell on the train tracks when he was headed in Bursa got rid of death at the last minute because of the reflex of the tram driver.

According to the information received, the incident took place at the central Osmangazi district Gökdere metro station at noon. An unidentified person, aged 50-55, fell on the rails at the Gökdere subway station when the train was coming.

2 annual train driver Atilla Poyraz noticed the person and pressed the emergency brake. Approximately 50 kilometers and the station near the station on the tram near the man's feet stood by the feet.

The staff immediately descended and checked the person on the tracks. The person who was seen to have flashing was removed from the rivers immediately and lifted to the hospital by an ambulance. Learned that the person survived the incident without any injuries, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, the driver congratulated Atilla Poyraz'i attention. As there was no criminal case, the police did not issue a record. Then the person was sent home.



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