Expert Opinion About Tanker Accidents in Hunters

Expert Opinion on Tanker Accident in Hunters: 3 September 2014 Expert in Avcılar, Istanbul

3 September 2014 On Wednesday morning, Istanbul started its day with a tanker accident. Liquid glucose is said to contain the tanker in the morning on Avcılar E-5 from Küçükçekmece in Edirne
direction to the direction of the damper open direction and then hit the top passage. The accident that led to the collapse of the overpass and loss of life brought to the mind the question of whether the substance was a chemical that entered the hazardous substance category, not glucose.

Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Logistics Program Head and also as a Hazardous Materials Safety Advisor Yrd. Assoc. Dr. Ezgi Uzel made the following statement about the incident: ac When we heard about this type of tanker accidents, we ask the question of which tanker was carrying the tank first. Especially in Istanbul, where gas and fuel oil traffic is abundant, it is only a matter of time before we encounter a disaster. In this incident, we received the sensation that the substance transported was liquid glucose and we relaxed a little. Otherwise, we do not even want to predict that Istanbul will be in this region, where the population is the busiest. If the carriage contained a flammable liquid or gas, we might have had more casualties with a fire and an explosion. Taşın

Dr. Uzel, Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road since 2010
He also reminded me once again of the importance of the implementation of the Convention (ADR) and of the necessity to implement it immediately. He underlined that everyone in charge of the transport of dangerous substances is not only responsible for the drivers but also for the transportation of these substances. M We are especially interested in drivers
Firstly, we need to make the necessary checks on the vehicle. Because the road
The most basic measure of prevention of incidents
the controls to be made before the start. Marking and labeling of the vehicle, equipment and fire extinguishers are complete, as the complete preparation of documents in our country, some of the rules are not comprehended some of the most important rules to be taken. Ezgi Uzel said that the owners of the business should do their part and stated that it is time for everyone to take their hand.

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