Good news to students from ESHOT

Good news to students from ESHOT: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made some new regulations in order for students to benefit from public transportation more easily.

Extending the route of the line 581 between F.Altay and Üçyol to Halkapınar, ESHOT will serve as an additional bus by 145. ESHOT also opens two new F express Born lines from Bornova and Fahrettin Altay to the Tınaztepe Campus in Buca.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2014-2015 academic year to enter the next year, expected to increase in parallel with the demands of the series of measures were taken. Statistics from the çık wage collection system detailed boarding data ünden, field investigations and requests for incoming citizens, especially for students, are being commissioned.

The General Directorate of ESHOT will open a new line between Bornova and Buca in order to prevent the students studying at Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus. Buses that will provide ın express güz service using Bornova Metro Transfer and Tınaztepe Campus route will make voyages under 390. Fahrettin Altay - Buca, which is used extensively by the students, will enter the new line of 690, which will run ay express in from Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center to Tınaztepe Campus, again by using the highway route.

ESHOT has extended the route of the line 581, which runs between F.Altay Transfer Center and Üçyol Transfer Center, to the Halkapınar Metro Transfer Center in order to ensure that passengers will not suffer from the victim until the new train sets are planned to be put into service until the end of the year. The voyages of the line were also re-arranged considering the passenger density.

Izmir Metro Inc. Taking into account the start of the new school year, 8 has implemented a winter term plan since Monday. With the new expedition plan, the peak time application has spread all day long. According to this, every day of the week between 06.30 and 20.30 hours between Izmir Metro, 4,5 will operate with the time interval. Thus, at the 9 time of the day, passengers will have quick access by trains arriving at short intervals. The 4,5 wagon vehicle fleet of the İzmir Metro will be available at the time with 77 wagon train sets. Two new train sets with 5 wagons under construction will be completed and put into operation later this year.


Shortly before the opening of schools, İZBAN took the first train of the new train to the Gulf and took an important step towards eliminating the intensity especially in the morning and evening hours. 2 thousand 250 passengers carrying and 3 at once in a series of 6 voyages to the new set, XNUMX once a day rails. IZBAN, Izmir will continue to run the set of other sets of tests in the process will start with the opening of schools. On the other hand, İZBAN, which made the existing transfer bridge as one way with the aim of directing the density in Halkapınar Station, has shifted the transfers to İzmir Metro to the exit of the station.


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