Construction of Erciş Bridge Interchange

Construction of Erciş Köprülü Junction was started: Construction of the bridge interchange to be built by the General Directorate of Highways in Erciş district of Van was started. AK Party Van deputy Fatih Çiftci after the completion of the bridge junction, the city of Ercis will have a modern look at the entrance, he said.
Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Van Province Nasir Sinoglu, Ak Party Erciş District President Adnan Aydin together with the infrastructure studies in the suburban neighborhood of the City of deputies Fatih Çiftci said they made very important transportation investments in the district. It's one of the most important transportation investment by explaining that in Ercis city passages indicating that the scheduled first time a district interchange construction in Turkey, "AK Party government and iktidarımız period was Ercis city passes 5 kilometers around. With the fact that we became MPs, we increased this transportation investment to 15 after 22. On the other hand, we planned a bridge junction between Adnan Menderes, which was opened as the new settlement area in the city of Erciş, and at the Karataşlar site, which is located between the coastal cities of Sahil Kent. Minister of Transportation and Highways General Manager, regional offices that we have made as a result of negotiations with the authorities, such a bridge to a county junction planning was done for the first time in Turkey. Bridge junction project and tender has been completed. Construction site for the construction of the bridge in the beginning of the construction site was established at the beginning of the year, but the construction of the sewer, rain channel and drinking water lines passing over the road had to be transferred. The local authorities said they could not make this transfer. Therefore, there was a delay in investment. However, a number of statements were made to the public, society and everyone after the local elections. The Ak Parti lost the local elections in Ercis to cancel the investment. Member of Parliament was blocked by Fatih Çiftci. Let me say that we, as the AK Party rulers and the AK Party organizations, what we promised this nation, we always stand behind. We endeavored to be done until the end, we will show. We will invest ten times today when investing in this country. Because the people of Erciş always have belonged to the AK Party, and have shown us the loyalty, loyalty. We had a road accident. However, from now on we will never give it an opportunity. As a result of our meetings with the General Directorate of Highways and the Minister of Transportation, we decided to make the highways that would prevent the construction of this bridge. The General Directorate of Highways started construction of the crossroads. Good luck to Erciş. The highways started the depressions of sewage, drinking water and sprinkler channels in the first place. Currently about a thousand 700 + 400 meter sprinkler channel, sewer line construction work continues. In the event that Allah bless him, within a few days 600 + 400 meter drinking water will be depressed. Excavations in the trunk of the bridged intersection will be initiated after the construction works are finished. İnşaat
When the construction of the bridge intersection with the measures taken to prevent disruption of transportation with the MPs also expressed that MPs, alın Construction of the construction of secondary roads with the establishment of the construction site was decided. Because in this time these vehicles have to go this secondary road. For this reason, as a result of the interviews we made with the highways on the 7 meter road which is connected to the coast road from the asphalt construction site, we first renewed the drinking water and sewage lines. Then, the main road by taking a width of approximately 15-20 meters asphalt the General Directorate of Highways had built.
Ercis should know very well that we have always served for our country, our nation and our country for the sake of Allah, and we will continue to serve. The AK Party, led by Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, will hold back to this country as it is yesterday. Erciş-Patnos exit, Erciş-Adilcevaz exit Deliçay to Balıkbendi until the end of Köprülü junction will reach a magnificent and modern appearance. Ercis will be the shining star of the region again. It is also currently pouring stabilized side roads into the ring road. In the coming days, if the God blesses will be made of hot asphalt and the project will be integrated into the bridge interchange, again within the scope of this project landscaping of roads, afforestation will also make highways I hope that the local governments will keep up with this and Ercis becomes the shining star of the region as it used to be Allah .



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