Enver Yilmaz All Ways Will Be Hot Asphalt

Enver Yilmaz All Roads Will Be Hot Asphalt: Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, the contract made by the contractor firm after the end of last month of the contract will start to work, said: Yılmaz We are in trouble to produce the service to serve the next generation, Yılmaz he said.
After Ankara, Ankara and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipalities, 309 will be able to bid 3 million pounds. Noting that they are a metropolitan municipality, the group will be covered with hot asphalt. After the tender, the contractor firm delivering Yilmaz said, kurmak Hopefully from the coming days Fatsa center, Unye based in the center of the army based 3 construction site by building the contractor firm will make hot asphalt quickly. 7-8 has been pouring asphalt for years and 7-8 has been asphalted every year. Now we've changed the concept. Now we have decided to make hot asphalt. In rural areas, we will make a way to serve the next generation, with at least 30 year-guaranteed culvert and (V) channel protected completely from the water. Kırsal



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