Durmazlar introducing the domestic light metro vehicle Green City at InnoTrans Fair

Durmazlar introduces its domestic light metro vehicle Green City at the InnoTrans Fair: At the International Railway Technologies, Systems and Vehicles Fair (InnoTrans) in Berlin, Germany Durmazlar Holding introduces the new light subway vehicle "Green City" model.

In the fair, which was held for the 10th time this year in Berlin, in addition to the light subway vehicle Green City, it also unveiled the newly developed two-way model of the tram called "İpekböce", which was previously produced as the first domestic rail system vehicle.

Durmazlar Rail Sabahattin Deputy General Manager looking for, AA said in a statement to reporters, after the üretilendem road vehicle silkworm's first promotion in Turkey last time they designed for it bi-directional, they said they realized the production and şimdiınnotans'tasergile.

Stating that they attended the fair with two products, Ara noted that İpekböb as well as the light metro vehicle they developed recently offered Green City to the appreciation of the representatives of the sector.

Durmazlar Indicating that the company has completed its product range one by one in the city rail passenger transportation with these studies, Ara stated that they are planning a subway now and the city product range will be completed by designing and manufacturing it.

Indicating that Green City, like silkworm, is the first domestic vehicle in the light rail model in the same sector, Ara said, “When we set out 5 years ago, we took the localization rate to the fore. One of our goals was maximum localization. At the end of the 5 years we have arrived, there is a 67-70 percent localization rate. ”

Pointing out the importance of not only the main industry but also the suppliers to start domestic production, Ara underlined that this has brought great gains to the country economically as well as know-how.

Ara noted that the rail system sector is one of the most vulnerable sectors in this regard, drawing attention to the government's targets to reduce the current account deficit and increase exports in the 2023 plan, Durmazlar Holding stated that they put the localization to the forefront in order to fill this gap and contribute to 2023 targets.

Turkey in the next 10 yılkipl AnlArIndA Government should inter-city transportation in transportation within cities should be stressed that a very large market looking for, "around 18 billion euros, according to Turkey at the moment we are talking about general computing market. still to be met by domestic production of domestic firms in Turkey it needs the increase of domestic production, which therefore very important. We started our efforts to fill this gap and achieve the goals. ”

67 percent pointed out that the local content of the vehicle looking for, the moment that the main parts can not be performed in Turkey to indigenization, he said that the long work that requires their localization issues.

This year, the 10th of fairs from 55 countries, including Turkey, located 2 thousand 758 companies participating to TCDD, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) vetürki Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) between which 25 ' More than ten Turkish companies participate in the fair.

The fair, which will remain open to sector representatives until September 26, is expected to visit approximately 130 thousand people. The fair will be open on September 27-28.

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