Denizli ropeway line ends after 1,5 months (Photo Gallery)

Denizli cable car line ends after 1,5 months: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that they have achieved another first in the city and said, “Denizli will have the first cable car in the region. "We will see that our ropeway construction is completed in about 1.5 months."

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Secretary General Mustafa Ünal, Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Gökoğlan, Aytaç Turgut and DESKİ Deputy General Manager İsmail Edip Yılmazlı, together with the department heads, examined the complex project that will make Denizli a brand in highland tourism. Within the scope of the examination, which started with the ropeway project, Metropolitan Mayor Zolan, who received information from the authorities about the point of the project at the starting station, gave instructions on what to do for the citizens to reach the region in summer and winter. Then he went to the last station of the cable car, and with the workers working here. sohbet Mayor Zolan and the accompanying delegation watched the unique view of Denizli from an altitude of 400 meters for a while. Mayor Zolan and his entourage recently examined the region where facilities that will make Denizli a brand in highland tourism are built. Mayor Zolan, who visited the bungalows in the forest area, examined the cafeteria and other facilities to be built in the region one by one. Metropolitan Mayor Zolan gave good news to Denizli people in a statement he made at an altitude of 400 meters at the end of the cable car. Stating that they have achieved another first in Denizli, Mayor Zolan said, “Denizli will have the first cable car in the region. Studies continue at full speed. We will see that our ropeway construction is completed in about 1,5 months, ”he said.

The cable car will bring a new breath to Denizli

Pointing out that first trials will be carried out in the region, Mayor Zolan said, “We will put not only the ropeway work but also the plateau tourism to the service of our citizens of Denizli. We put forward a beautiful project with the cable car in order to reach our plateaus. This project will bring a new breath to our Denizli. We are trying to reveal different options in Denizli, ”he said. Stating that citizens living in Denizli now have a new and beautiful project, Mayor Zolan said: “After the beautiful parks of our beautiful Denizli, we hope that our highlands will meet with Denizli, along with our cable car. Our children and people will live together in the natural environment here. We will come here with our people to see the snowfall in winter. Our plateau, which reaches an altitude of 500 meters in summer, will offer people a different beauty and comfort. I hope this project will be beneficial for our Denizli. "

Denizli will meet with snow this winter

Pointing out that there will be tent areas on the plateau, Mayor Zolan said, “We have wooden houses to stay overnight. There will be many different options such as cafeteria and restaurants. While people are watching the visual beauty, they will also meet their accommodation and other needs. I hope our children and citizens will come here to watch the snow and meet with the white cloth this winter. I hope the cable car will add a different color and beauty to our Denizli. "We will all enjoy the happiness of building and implementing the region's first cable car."

Helicopter to be installed with 3 mast

While Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, Department of Environmental Protection and Control and DESKI were working on three separate branches to complete the complex in a short time, it was stated that the project reached the following point: “Within the scope of the cable car construction, the starting station construction was completed, the pulley system was built. While 9 of the total 6 masts are completed, the remaining 3 masts will be placed with a helicopter capable of carrying 5 tons of cargo. In addition, cable car cabins that will carry visitors to an altitude of 400 meters and 700 meters have been brought to the region. While the construction of the upper station of the cable car continues rapidly, the facility works for accommodation and other services on the plateau continue. In the project carried out by the Environmental Protection and Control Department, 30 bungalows that will protect Denizli people from hot in summer and cold in winter are rising rapidly, while local product exhibition-sales places, buffet, country restaurant and country coffee are also being made. DESKİ, on the other hand, started to implement drinking and waste water projects rapidly. Within the scope of the project to be carried out considering the economic, physical and geographical conditions, a water tank, 2 pumping stations and 10 thousand meters of drinking water line started to be installed in the region. While DESKI's works include a treatment plant and waste water line, it will bring fiber lines to the region for internet access, as well as electricity transformers.

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