The infrastructure of the railway will be compatible with the high-speed train

The infrastructure of the railway will be in line with the high-speed train: Provincial President Ceylan stated that they have been in consultation with civil society organizations for years. We opened the Merzifon Airport to civilian flights. We came to the tender stage in the railway project. Demiryolu

Justice and Development Party Çorum Province President Ahmet Sami Ceylan, 62. He said that the infrastructure of the railway, which is seen as one of the most important problems of our city and entered into the government program, will be done in compliance with the high speed train and that the two new highways are entering the program as a bonus.

Ahmet Sami Ceylan, the Provincial Chairman of the Provincial Chamber of Pharmacists of the Çorum Pharmacist Chamber, evaluated the developments on the agenda.

When the AKP is a renewable party and when they come to office, they set out with the philosophy of id Let the people live, let the state live C. Ceylan said: yaş In the first years we came to power, we did not have a university in Çorum. There was no natural gas, we brought it. We opened the Merzifon Airport to civilian flights. In the railway project, we came to the tender stage. The railway project has a guarantee that the government can be changed. The railway infrastructure is also compatible with the high-speed train. Together with the railway, one of the fundamental problems of Çorum will be solved. Good luck to Çorum, ols he said.

Ceylan stated that there is no need for an existing airport in Çorum. Olarak Our goal as a AKP community is to bring the name Çorum to Merzifon Airport. Our negotiations with industrialists and businessmen continue. It is not possible to make an airport with each. But we will make sure that everyone knows that there is airway transportation to Çorum.

When our only target is written to Çorum search engines, it is possible to see the airport signs in the country and in Çorum for the transportation is to be seen in Çorum, or from the distant places to Çorum. Search engine in front of the airport Amasya-Merzifon Çorum may come, Arama he said.

12 Provincial Chairman Ahmet Sami Ceylan stated that they have consulted with non-governmental organizations during the annual AKP government. Ifade We tried to meet the needs of Çorum by exchanging ideas. We want you to know that we have a problem with the pharmacists. Ecz

Ceylan stated that they came out of the presidential elections and said belirten We chose 10 in August. 62. Our government was established. Names can be changed is the case, the service is important. That was our philosophy when we left. We came from the state-controlled state to the state controlled by the nation. Devlet

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