Danger of Stray Horse on Highways

The stray horses released by the villagers in the city center and districts of Kars in the autumn are giving drivers a hard time on the highway. Especially in the evening and at night, horses roaming the highway cause geese.

Kars-Digor, Digor-Kars and Kars-Kagizman highway and Kars-Sarikamis and Selim Highway, Kars Ocakli village (Ani) on the highway, the horses, running in herds come over the vehicles. The horses, who find 20 from time to time, invite fatal accidents. Because in the previous years as a result of collision with a lot of accidents, even fatal accidents had occurred.

Citizens asked the authorities to intervene in this situation and said, “Herd of horses in autumn every year causes many people to have an accident. The villagers run the field time and then let go of the ranch instead of storing it in the winter. Stray horses run right and left on the highway and hit vehicles. There have even been fatal accidents in recent years. The authorities should not remain insensitive to this issue. They should meet with village headmen and warn the villagers. Even if there is any institution related to this work, the owners of the peasants should wear earrings and show their owners. Animal lovers associations should find someone to take care of horses and find solutions to this event. Leaving animals to their fate is a behavior that does not fit into humanity. Horses scatter death. The authorities should not remain insensitive to this issue. There must be an immediate solution. Otherwise, we are about to experience mortal accidents.

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